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If you are hunting your prey at night, then you have nailed it, greyish, blackish...swaddowy...
change tabard 5/10
I am giving you 3/10. The weapon and armor doesn't fit at all. your boots doesnt appear to be part of the outfit, but I'll give you credit for using some "dragon soul armor" for a DK. rarely used!
Not a fan of those pants and the head piece is a little "meh" in my opinion, but it is a nice transmog all in all. I think it does fit your character specialization, if that was your intention.
It matches except for the cape but I can say straight away I don't like the two dual wielded gigantic swords nor that helmet, even less so on a night elf. Don't think it suits at all and..The ears poke out through it. So sorry but I give it a 3-4/10 which is mostly thanks to picking boots and weapons that matched the armour.

Mox here is ment to look shipwrecked tribal-ish rather than the stereotypical goblin style. Usually she dual wields the tomahawk with the mace that is a plank with a big nail in it but it seems I logged out with healing gear and awkward armoury pose is awkward.
Mate get your facts straight , this is the boots matching with the set also weapons match with tabard
I am giving you 3/10. The weapon and armor doesn't fit at all. your boots doesnt appear to be part of the outfit, but I'll give you credit for using some "dragon soul armor" for a DK. rarely used!

I think I've said this before but I like both the concept of the character and how the look you go for brings that concept across.

The murloc head I found quite strange at first but after some thought it's not that odd. It's still peculiar but that's what it's supposed to be (I guess) so it doesn't detract from the whole.

A lot of the attire isn't a perfect match, but it wouldn't really be, as you put it, "shipwrecked tribal-ish" if it was.

It's really good for what it is. 9/10

Looks nice, might be a bid odd on a nelf, but it works.
Are you attempting to be Cathríon's protégé?

Obviously I like the look since I have several pieces of that set and extremely similar daggers on Cath, along with a mask combo. I'm not sure I'd need to say much more, but obviously from that you can surmise I feel that set and a mask really suit a Sin'dorei Rogueish type in general. 8/10

This outfit is basically just meant to be a regular kind of "Goblin civilian" look quickly thrown together with low level gear and such I happened across ... which probably makes sense. I went for the cloth loom pants because the skulls on the side match her earring ... which unfortunately you can't see in the armoury as it's on her right ear!
go on dont mind me
I actually liked this oufit. It is perfect in cark allyes for slipping into shadows and just dissapere while doing the job, if its espionage, survailence.assasination or just pickpoceting.
I believe you want to look like a demon elf.

The horns kinda look fake and not serious... I would make a demon hunter version of Xirque. That would look much more badass.

Anyway, from how it looks now: 7/10
I like the look, Daha. It's mostly a set, but it works for me. Very Kor'kron, but I think I would like to see a slightly louder axe, that'll suit Daha's expressive hatred to the Alliance (and maybe everyone else).

The helmet is often a topic, I can see why. It's not very practical, but hey... Aesthetics sometimes overrule.

It works for me, even if lacking imagination. I would keep an eye out for a couple of minor pieces that could make Daha as menacing as his words intend to be. :)

My verdict:
I give you a solid 9/10. Why a 9? It is a tad of a pity that you use such a helmet, which is, to my opinion, a waste to fill it up like. The rest of it; terrific, suit well and it gives a Draenei Vindicator idea, really good.
I would give a good 8/10.
Its a very classy looking set to be in, yet it is also rather generic.
The use of the weapon is very well used as it goes with the colours!

Nice job! Seems the Horde still have some style to them.
A 6/10. No offense, but the items you use are from the same set and the colour of the headband does not really match the rest. There is a dungeon quest from the garrison inn that gives you the Bloody Bandanna, which will match the set and the best part is that you can transmog it.

Now about my char: He is a Frostwolf (main timeline), shaman-in-training (so the glowing stuff from his gloves makes sense) and the armory does not display the dagger and satchel from his belt.
It's a jolly good set m8. I just don't like the cape, it seems unnecessary. 9/10
The set is nice for sure. 9/10
8.5/10. Love the armor, looks very 'serious'. Not too sure about the sword though. :/

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