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Heavy, heavier -> Orc.
I think the outfit is pretty accurate. I also like the color scheme. The only thing that isn't my thing is the scarf. But that's just my personal taste and it shouldn't bother you.
This dwarf likes what he sees. Would bang 9/10.
Considering its just levelling greens looks alright to me! :) looks like the shoulders chest and legs go quite well just the gloves and boots are a bit odd looking xD

your combination of gear color and fur, really brings out the style.

-note: I am still working on this set any feed back is appreciated.

Simple and good.

-1 for the gauntlet and shoulder tho.

Doesn't match with the dress imo.
Colorful and badass. 8/10

It's my first steps in transmog.
Pretty cool, maybe get a staff that's a bit more blue to fit the rest of the gear.

It's spiky and intimidating, also like how the green and purple works together, weps match well too. Could maybe use a cape though!

Looks like a roaming fighter, fits the class and is very realistic in terms of combat.

Not so sure on the shoulder (the gold lining around the shoulder seems out of place).

7 or 8/10
Looks amazing, like a troll witch doctor or a hexxer. take a 10/10 from me

My belt sadly doesn't show on the armory
A really badass looking elf. I love your outfit.
A good and simple set, I actually quite like it! The only thing I would maybe change is the boots. I'd try to get a pair that better fits the pants more, personally.


Sooooooooooooooo... Kyrina has a new set. I've previously mostly used tier sets on her, but after getting her current shoulders from a garrison mission I just had to incorporate them into a proper set. So I mixed some pieces together until I finally had a result I liked, and well, here it is! :3
10/10 would drag this virgin maid into my dragon-cave.
rate4 rate yh?

So, here we go!

Visually, it's decent. I'm unsure about the legs, feet, chest and hands. I think you might be able to do better, once the new Transmog UI introduced.

That said, the things that work, work well. Warm reds and brows compliment going for the fire look. I also enjoy the tree. Is it burnt from the fire? Nice.

The sword is very OTT, possibly the most OTT I've seen in WoW. I don't understand this logic. Do you try and impress people with how amazing your big sword looks? ... Exactly.

It looks kind cool, especially the helm. It says nothing about your character, but from what I have seen from your posts, that doesn't matter. You're going for cool, and you're there I suppose. But you could definitely go further.

My Verdict:
Very simple transmog. I have one minor and one major problem.

Minor problem - shield. Maybe slightly bigger shield? Like the one you craft from Wotlk BS?

Major problem - helmet. It just doesn't match.

All in all. Simple ,elegant mog. If you fix your helmet 8.5/10.

For now - 7/10.
Creepy helm.
7.5/10. I like the swords (and the fact you chose 2 different ones) but im not a fan of bikini plate armor....seems abit impractical for close quarters combat!
That's.. a lot to take in at first glance; my eyes get bombarded with colours.

But that doesn't mean it is bad; oh no.. Everything fits and it has a very good blood elf vibe.

I do think the gem is a bit of an unnesecarry addition; specially for a hunter. But perhaps you have magical powers and it all makes sense.

All in all.. 7/10 mainly because it is a tad too bright for my personal preference.

i really like it, it kind of gave me the old pandaran grandpa vibe.. but in a good way! i like the colors. the only thing that i do not like is that your appearance is all of one set.
I can't say much about this. But is truly awesome coloured.

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