Problem with renewing subscriptions in Greece.

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Dear Blizzard,

As you might know, the banks in Greece are operating with capital control restrictions since the 29th of June. As a result, we are unable to use our credit / debit cards, Paypal, or any other kind of money transfer to an account outside of Greece. This means that we are unable to pay our subscription fees or do any other purchase from your online shop.

Can you please find a way to help us continue playing our beloved game?

My suggestions are:

1) Open a checking account in a Greek bank. This is the easiest way for us to be able to make payments.

2) Extend our subscriptions until the capital controls are over and charge us the amount.

3) Increase the amounts of physical game time cards that you send to local retailers. They cannot be found in any local shop anymore.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and support.

Much love from Greece :)
Your 1st suggestion is THE BEST.

I've made a thread about this issue about 3 weeks ago because I wanted to use the race change thingy and Hagut told me to speak with the Support Team directly. I did that and they said that another way to add money to our account balance, is via the Battlenet Gift Card. I could't find any here in Greece and when I tried to order one from game retailers in EU, I had the same issues with the credit/prepaid cards restrictions.

Practically we are screwed...I can't even find a physical game time card here and I won't renew my subscription time with a WoW Token again, don't wanna spend all my goldz into that...ugh...

It looks like the capital controls and the restrictions will last for many months, so I suggest that Blizzard should open a checking account in a Greek bank like you said also, or to give us, their greek customers, Battlenet Gift Cards so we can add moneyz to our Battlenet Accounts.

It's pathetic, after 6 years playing WoW without never stopping my sub, I would not be able to keep on cause of all that mess here in Greece.

Tsipras and Varoufakis affected even our Azeroth fun...pffff....
Hello Dristal,

What happens exactly when you try to use your debit/credit card or PayPal on Do you get a specific error message?

If so, could you reply with a screenshot of it?

How's my driving? Let me know!
Hey Hagut :) i have the same problem here , Greece aswell , i pay through Visa card and i returned for a 3 days trip tried to login and i got the inactive messege.
When i tried to renew my time through visa though i got an error that says

"Oops! This needs your attention:
An unexpected error has occurred. Please contact Customer Support." :)

I know that things arent that great in Greece but that doesnt mean that we cant pay for wow :P unless blizz wants us Greeks off wow and more working then i understand.
Hello Hagut,

this is a screenshot of the error message:

This error appears when trying to buy a character service (like race change, realm transfer) or renewing the subscription.

For the next months the greek customers won't be able to use any of Blizzard's services, same thing happens with Paypal, etc etc.

I learnt that many companies are planning to open accounts in greek banks so they can still have their greek customers and keep their business activities here in Greece.

I really hope that Blizzard will do something too, or else all the Greeks will get off WoW.

Thank you in advance for your support.
Dear Hagut,

You need to understand that this is not an issue that you can resolve with troubleshooting methods as it is not a technical one. With capital control active in Greece at the moment, the banks are not authorizing any payment towards any business outside of the Greek domain. All our outgoing payments are automatically declined and you cannot do much about it.

For blizz to help their customers pay, you (or whoever has the authorization) will need to go out of your way and create a checking account in a Greek bank that we can deposit our payments to blizz. There is no other method at the moment. All credit cards are auto-declined, paypal is disabled, paysafe is disabled. Bnet gift cards are nowhere to be found because they are out of stock everywhere.

I'm not a wow-sub at the moment, but I am a customer that would like to purchase upcoming content in Hearthstone and Starcraft. The same problem applies to me as well.

Thanks in advance.
can you not buy from as far as im aware they are still able to sell the cards
28/07/2015 02:59Posted by John
can you not buy from as far as im aware they are still able to sell the cards

Only wow sub-cards are available. Gift cards are not. Not in plaisio or anywhere else as far as I'm concerned.

Therefore, no one can buy anything on Hearthstone, Starcraft, HotS, Diablo or the WoW Store.
From a totally selfish point of view i wish they would sort something for you guys in Greece, i guess most of you are finding it hard and are having to watse your gold on over inflated wow tokens atm aswell.

Hope something gets sorted sooner rather than later.
hey same problem here,greece aswell.has anyone tried moneysafe cards?if yes is it working?

edit:i tried to purchase an arena pass for hs and it worked so i guess it would work for subs etc
Prepaid cards work only if they already have credit inside them at the moment because said credit is already wired to the owner company aka Visa/MasterCard etc. New ones cannot be issued (unless they have 0 credit which is pointless) and preexisting ones can't be topped off.
i bought my prepaid card yesterday,i also bought a voucher and i was able to buy arena pass and packs for sub for wow ends in a few days so i ll try to renew with that.if anyone got a better way let me know cause i cant find any other way
Another drawback of this situation is that players are forced to make real life gold-money trades with real life friends (which means more "friendly" prices) in order to afford wow-tokens which opposes to the WoW-Token itself.
In other words, if this problem endures, Greeks will create a Euro->Gold->WoW Token community without a single penny reaching Blizzard.
That's interesting. My card cannot be used. I wonder if it's because it's a Visa prepaid instead of a MasterCard one.
Hmm, seems like Moneysafe is kinda out of the question. It's available only in 5 places in Greece, 3 of which are in Attica and none in central greece. Also, the waiting time for delivery is 30 working days because of its high demand atm.

In other words, arxidia mple.
Both Public and Plaisio online stores sell the 60days game time card.
That only helps wow subs. Players of the other blizzard games are !@#$ed, royally.
29/07/2015 04:52Posted by Ouranios
Hmm, seems like Moneysafe is kinda out of the question. It's available only in 5 places in Greece, 3 of which are in Attica and none in central greece. Also, the waiting time for delivery is 30 working days because of its high demand atm.

In other words, arxidia mple.

ego to pira apo to psilikatzidiko k mou tin efere tin karta se 2 meres,kane kamia erotisi ekei trigiro se sena d xaneis k tpt!
3 ores perpatima stin gamimeni zesti simera, piga se ola ta magazia, asxeta kai sxetika me to antikeimeno. Tipota. Pantos exasa idrota kai kila.
According to new information, certain companies are accused of banning greek credit cards, regardless of the partial lifting of the capital control.

Source: (use google translate)

Blizzard? Honey? Anything you would like to confess?

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