Let's make it an interview #2

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Violence is the answer for everything.


Question: Orc brain vs Elf brain
"I think it's pretty obvious."

Q: How would you like to die?
"When the party's over they're gonna have ta sponge what's left a' me from the roof - provided said roof is still there."

Gibbles cracks a brief smirk.

Q: What is your preferred method of long distance travel and why so?
Bubble and Hearthstone... why? just because I can...

Q: Where is all your gold hidden?
Oh, that's simple! It's in my.... wait a second! I don't want to get robbed.

Q: Have you ever been in a food fight?
''Well more than once... actually it wasn't exactly a food fight for like a drink fight with chairs and tables flying around.''

Q: What was your worst date with a race that usually allies with the other faction? If you never dated members of the other faction just describe your worst date.
It was a blind date which don't always end well anyways... yet this time it turned out to be an undead warlock who just wanted to steal my soul... even with blessing of protection it didn't end well (for either of us...)

Q: What is / was your most memorable adventuring moment?
"I don't go out adventurin' much, son. But, now that you asked..."

Norbert rubs his jaw in thought for a moment.

"Must be from the days I was alive. I do believe I was visitin' another town. I got lost along the way, and when stopping to ask for directions I met the fairest of maidens... well, in my eyes anyway, some elf would probably disagree. But I digress. I ended up marryin' that lady. Daughter of a local tradesman, she was. Might not sound like much but to a simple man like me that was quite the adventure."

The undead cracks a brief, crooked smile at the interviewer.

"Light preserve her soul, I sincerely hope she rests in peace and doesn't end up as I have."

Q: Most of us do rather stressful work. What do you do to unwind?
20/05/2016 10:20Posted by Larmon

Q: Most of us do rather stressful work. What do you do to unwind?

"A piece of peace picked from jagged shards long broken, to polish to shine and enshrine, bending letters still unspoken, a task as sweet as wine."

*she smiles slightly, gesturing vaugely to her side*

"Leeching roots of loss shed their scales to grow anew, all that was to weigh left to rot in sight of golden rays of a brighter dawn, another turn of ages. Branching paths to bloom, grown ripe with purpose, which way do steps turn to shape the dusk?"
"A riddle? I must apologies. Despite good attempts in the past I have not been good with them, nor do I think I'll be in the future, but it surely sounds like a problem you need a druid to tend to."

Where would you choose to live if you had to move?
"If I had to move eh? Well I guess I would like to live in Winterspring mostly for the snow might I add!"

If you had a device you could use once and only once to control somebodies mind, who's mind would it be? it can be anyone on Azeroth!
29/07/2016 04:29Posted by Vulrin
If you had a device you could use once and only once to control somebodies mind, who's mind would it be? it can be anyone on Azeroth!

Jastor Gallywix, of course!

Purchase a private vault in the Bank of Stormwind, funnel some of his wealth into it... Think of all the shoes!

Question: If you were to meet a Titan, face to face, what would you say to it?
" the Burning Legion is going to try and invade Azeroth again. mind giving us a little help please?"

question:do you believe the guys in every city yelling about a Burning Legion invasion?
"Dey be tellin' the truth. Possibly. Who can say what goes through a potential madmans head? This troll be not knowing..."

Question: Would you die for the leader of your race?
''What a pointless question. Our glorious king only lead us to victory so the chances of kicking the bucket are lower than the demons to invade Azeroth again.''

Question: Would you prefer to become a Forsaken or join the opposite faction?
"I would seek death in battle. I will not fight for the humans, the tree rats to the north nor be raised by un-natural magic to serve the banshee !@#$% and her lackeys. I would be true to the oath I swore, to die for the Horde! Not to be reborn as a slave!"

Q: Have you ever done something considered morally repugnant or ethically wrong?
*Looks at the interviewer, raises his left eye and answers*
"I have a feeling that the Dark Lady will apprechiate my powers way more than what Stormwind would, but then, whom knows what the future might bring"

What is your greatest fear for the furure?
"Well you see, I view myself as a scholar of some description, I know a few... secrets of reality and the sorts- and let me tell you, my greatest fear for the future is most certainly not far around the bend. There is a... special plan, for Azeroth, which no one wishes to see come to fruition, especially me."

Alrighty, lets get more light hearted! Your favourite beverage?

Goldy rummages through her satchel, procuring a can to present to the interviewer. "Makes a pretty nifty missile when yer done slammin' one, too ... don't believe me? Check out Durrhurr's forehead, I think it's got the whole ingredients indented on there by now ..."

During her response, Goldy cracks the can open and begins to slug at it once finished. A large, very unlady like burp can be heard after the initial guzzling, to which she can be heard saying " 'Scusies! ", and then a moment or two later, her facial expression turns to one of astonishment as she gasps in an almost exaggerated manner. "... they should make bubblegum flavoured Kaja'Cola!!"

Question: What animals are you capable of riding?
I tried to ride on tauren once... But turned out he was dead... Arrows and stuff...

What? Taurens don't count as animals? Darn it...

Mount of choice is Nightsabre. Aren't they the most adorable little creatures?
*Pets her Nightsabre*
-Yes you are mommy's favorite ball of fluff.

And when I feel like raining down some justice from above I take Hippogryph .

Q. If you had an power to force one race from Alliance and one race from Horde to switch sides... What races that would be?

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