Let's make it an interview #2

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''Let's see... Horses, goats that mechanical broom broom thingy, gryphons, Elves? Cut the last one, ok?''

Question: Is there any embarrassment or failure that could cause you to seriously consider terminating your life?
Rhia shifts awkwardly in her seat.

"Many, yet I would prefer not to speak or think too much on such things."

She turns to the next person expecting her question.

"What would you give for power?"
The draenei frowns as he takes a serious tone, "My heart, my time and my energy. I cannot think of many, if any true powers that are not acquired with these ingredients."

You pass a cake shop, and suddenly find yourself at the counter with the assistant expecting your order. What do you buy?
Cornelicus quirks an eyebrow at the interviewer.
"I ask for a cheesecake or beefcake depending on the assistant."

Congratulations you have won a voucher for a vacation trip! You may choose between these places:
The Steam Pools- Pamper yourself at the lovely secluded steam pools with good food, relaxation and spa.
Uldum- With the Harrison Jones as guide explore the exotic wonders that are Uldum, try some archaeology, go shopping in one of the Ramkahen cities or just sunbath!
The World in less than 3 weeks- On a marvelous new and somewhat more ecofriendly zeppeline discover the whole of Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms in less than 3 weeks!

Where do you want to go? You may not turn in your voucher for money.
"Hm, I don't feel confident about 'ecofriendly' Goblin engineering... not to mention that you don't get to know much of the world if you go around it in less than three weeks. Uldum maybe? What money I have wouldn't be enough for a shopping trip, but those digsites could give me idea for new songs - at least if they're not boobytrapped. Especially not with fire traps. I've had my share of those. I've heard rumours of the blazing sun of Uldum which the locals revere... and 'blazing' sounds like 'hot enough to burn you'. That's not good."

Eodain rambles for a moment and then trails off while frowning.

"Oh well. I have never been to a spa - whatever that is - but steam is not fire at least, and it sounds like a luxurious way to relax. It's not like I've had too many chances to do that."

Are there any quirks which annoy you in other people yet which you too are guilty of?
The death knight stares at the interviewer for a couple of full seconds before answering.
Although detest, loathe or hate is more accurate than annoy. Now unless you have more meaningless questions to ask I got things to do."

Question: Do you have a favourite pastime if so, what?
"I hunt. Not out of necessity or even with the intent of killing prey, to feel the wilds underneath my feet, the sky open above me, with an axe in my hand and my wolf at my side. That is to truly live. I thank the tauren for showing my people the way again, how we used to live. Battle is but one part of my peoples heritage, hunting and the simple pleasure of riding on the open plains is one all too often forgotten."

Q: Has there ever been a time you have gone against the wishes or commands of someone you respect, maybe even love, because you believed it was the right thing to do?
"Aye lad, call me an usurper, for such is how I took hold of my company of men, and legion. As the champion, when our leader was left... incapable, it fell to me to lead. A bloody swath was cut, one I knew my predecessor would not approve of, and so I gained my rank. When my predecessor was once again fit for battle? I had to remind them, the oath, is until death. The Horde always comes first, but I believe resentment follows me due to it."

Do you dress to impress? What would you wear to do so if not?
Atheliyah sports quite a bemused facial expression as the interviewer finishes their question, leaning from her seat onto the desk, her head propped up by a hand beneath her chin. "Oh darling, do I dress to impress? Naturally. Surely a rhetorical question on your behalf? As for what I wear when I am not doing so, well, that would be when I am bereft of all manner of attire save for my bracelets."

Upon finishing her response, she slides the sleeve of her robes down to her elbow revealing said jewellery before bouncing her eyebrows suggestively.

Question: What is your favourite colour?
Answer: "Right, moolah! Wait wait... Colour.... GOLD!"

*snickers to himself as he sways his feet above the floor, the seat being too high to touch the boards*

Question: If ya gon' have saving, where ya gonna hide em?
02/08/2016 22:44Posted by Wizzleblast

Question: If ya gon' have saving, where ya gonna hide em?


<Looking as though he'd rather be somewhere else entirely, Valston relents and sits down with the goblin. He appears to give it some serious thought.>

If I were to have any savings, I would be a damned fool to freely share of their location. I don't however. I've found little use for coin in death you see, and I try not to encumber myself with dead weight.

<An echoing, hoarse chuckle erupts at his pun.>

If I had to answer though, I suppose I would hide any important valuables within the gut of a particularly well-armed abomination.


You come a cross a river. To your left lies eternal wealth, to your right lies eternal peace. What lies beyond is river is adventure and the unknown.

Which path do you pursue?

Hmmm. Eternal wealth is tempting, but when I think about it, there's little I'd actually want to spend that much gold on that I can't acquire for myself.

And I've no desire to do nothing more than defend a pile of gold for the rest of my life. No offense to Goblins, many of whom I know hold exactly that as their highest goal in life. I could share it, but from what I understand of economics, endless wealth for everyone would have complicated effects on the economy.

Eternal peace is also attractive, but I'd have to question how it's achieved. Is there some spell binding all, preventing them from coming to blows? That sounds like slavery given a pleasant name. Conflict comes from differences, and differences are a natural part of this world. Would you simply forcibly homogenize everything to prevent that? No, eternal peace is a foolish goal.

So I would have to pick the third option. I've no great love for adventure or the unknown, but there's possibilities there to make a better world that depends on neither an everlasting pile of gold, or spells of binding.


Somebody has an item that you desperately want, but have no right to. They refuse to trade it to you, and it appears as important to them as it is to you.

What do you do?
03/08/2016 21:05Posted by Onesteel
Somebody has an item that you desperately want, but have no right to. They refuse to trade it to you, and it appears as important to them as it is to you.

What do you do?

You know, my kind has always revered peace and only resort to violence as a last resort, so i figured, since asking kindly has yielded no result...<grins>...
Look friend, you are barely half my size and are having your hands on my possessions, either you return it to me or i'll take it by force...

<the opponent makes a sad face and then responds stubbornly> No! Its mine!
<Hurgo stomps and the opponent gets knocked away a short distance>
Last warning, give it back or il take it myself!

<the opponent is not scared>
<Hurgo rolls swiftly and using martial skills temporarily paralyses him>
Don't worry, it will wear off in couple of hours. Peace friend.


- Your character is old, weak, stick walking lady/man at the autumn of his/her life, what would he/she say about how he/she lived and spent her/his life?
"I am sure I'd have some regrets! but doubt too many! I lived as I hoped! Free to do what I wished! That said. If I lived to this age I must have done something wrong!

What is your favorite past time when you aren't doing (insert what your character's job is)?
"Past times, huh? Well... ...well. That's a tough one: a lot of my time is taken up by my work, and faith, and as hand-in-hand as they go, it leaves me with only a small amount of proper free time. In that time, I'd have to say reading - anything from novels, to history and beyond - to a nice piece of music would be my favorite past time. Books are so easy to lose yourself in..."

Take your character out of their current situation. Whatever a place they may be in, how well-off are they in their life, compared to their dream? How close to their dream or wish in life are they?
She is exactly X dead orcs from her dream... Where X is amount of Orcs on Azeroth. But she is working on it so... One day...

If you could force one race from Horde and one race from Alliance to switch sides.. What races would that be?
"Well the first part's easy; I'd bring Gnomes over ta the Horde! Makes it tha' much easier ta wipe the schmucks ou'!

But for a race to go over ta the Alliance.."

Braxxo taps his fingers on his shoulder while he thinks

"I guess Tauren. Let'em go join their Night Elf hippy buddies an' stop making Horde leadership go all 'Stop cuttin' down trees an' stuff'. Yeah, I'll go wi'that."

If you could choose a character who is an expert in their class to be your bodyguard, friend, etc. for life, which class would you go with (Include spec if you wish) And why?
Elandris simply straight faces the interviewer for a moment before responding. "The only person I wish for by my side is a fellow Sentinel."

She folds her arms afterwards as if to indicate she is finished answering the question.

Question: The past few weeks have been quite hectic, especially in certain areas of the world which were subjected to major Legion incursions. How did these invasions effect your life?
"It threw my life upside down.. Where I was send on a mission I thought would be done with in the matter of a month at most, have now turned into being a major part of my life... Can't complain too much however..."

Since Hallow's end is around the corner:
What do you find scary, yet also find quite interesting and fasinating.
Face of an angry Orcish babe.

What is your favourite meat.

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