The word "douche" IC.

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Yours, Marttus', my own opinion of what belongs in this setting is open for interpretation. Until him, you, me or one of the other many many opinionated people on this server are made into some kind of official "loremaster" by Blizzard, declaring such a hazy argument than what is presented in this thread is a completely moot point.
It used to bug me in the past, but for the most part I don't care much anymore. I could go on a big rant about how it's unlikely for a Blood Elf or Night Elf to speak like a gangster, only to - as Thaerazan said - be proven wrong by an obscure reference that Blizzard inserted into the game world.

Truth be told, I'm only sticking around until certain other MMO's are released and then jumping ship to try my luck at roleplaying in a setting that actually values immersion. WoW was brilliant for a while, but far too much is just copied and pasted from the real world or associated media and then passed off as 'lore'.
Douchebag= A piece of cloth that prostituetes used to clean their ##!@!!s with after, sex ^^
12/01/2011 4:57 PMPosted by Gurdenberg
Douchebag= A piece of cloth that prostituetes used to clean their ##!@!!s with after, sex ^^

not quite right.

Being American and having been using said term for near on 20 years myself, I shall enlighten all to its meaning...although the quote is close.

A Douche bag is in actuality a sort of bottle or sack that contains a feminine cleanser. It can be used for other types of cleansing, but this is the most common.

Massengil is probably one of the most famous brands and has a tag line dealing with that "Fresh Feeling".

So not a cloth, and commonly used by most women. Still derogatory as an insult.

As for IC usage, I think we have to deal with context. I can easily see races like goblins using such slang as they already use a lot of contemporary American slang. I don't think this character would use it, but I can see other goblins easily using it and not bat an eye. While perhaps other races with differing cultures would definitely bit a bit odd to use it. In the end though it always comes down to context. Somethings that might not makes sense for one situation will be perfectly fitting for another. That is one of the nice things about WoW. it is such a broad and open game that encompasses all genres from gangster to old west, to Sci-fi to feudal Europe and fantasy as well. It is just a great big jumble of everything. Always has been always will, including all those silly "in jokes" and RL references. It is not ruining the game, all that stuff is the game. That is as it always has been. Why play WoW just to complain about it not being one specific genre when it never has been? We all knew it getting into the game!

I think that people allow words to jar them too much. Especially as we far too often believe that the words in question are only contemporary. Which in vital truth is almost never true. Most of or curse words and insults have been in popular use since at least the middle ages/medieval periods.

I wonder how far back douche bag goes as an insult? I bet much further back than we think.

I have been using it on 20 years, and I know it must not have been invented by my generation.

I don't think the origins of a word have anything to do with what your character says. After all, the [Common], [Orcish] or any other language tag means that your character is speaking that language; not in english. The english talks merely give you a translation of what your character'd say in the those languages. I even tend to use verbs like 'rendezvous'. As long as people understand what you're saying, I think you can say whatever you want.
C'mnahn chtenff ee geb, uh'e throd llll ah sgn'wahl. Nghai c'ai k'na. Wgah'nyar n'ghft.
The problem, is of course, if we take any serious level of depth into this half the English language is unusuable. Alot of the words we use today are draws from Latin, French, German or whatever other language we nicked words from.

Then of course you could go into the whole depth of languages being simply an ingame mechanic, since Tyrande didn't have any problems chatting with Kael'thas and Cenarius didn't have any problems yelling at Grom.

Though I do agree, using words like douche or even the other truck of swear words I've seen people throw around just strikes me as uncreative and lazy. I tend to think the same of books that over use the f word.
This is a personal annoyance of mine. Being Amarae, I get subjected to lots of insults, and most of them are, as Yunaris said, uncreative and lazy.

The likes of "retard" "douchebag" (or the slightly more creative "douchess") and a few others that censorship won't like much, strike me as minimal effort on part of the other player to create a persona other than themselves.

There are many more context-appropriate insults that can be used in Warcraft (just annoy Amarae sometime to hear a few), and it helps keep the barrier seperating OOC insult and IC insult further apart, IMO. In my experience, the people who use the former insults in-character are also often those who take it all personally and act immaturely.

The origins of words are irrelevant; all of what is said and written in Warcraft is translated for our benefit. A lot of people assume Common is English by default, and it isn't, as anyone on Horde will tell you. It's just a case of some words seeming very inappropriate for the setting, given their current usage and the (reasonably) more dated usage of translated words in WoW.
13/01/2011 5:03 PMPosted by Amarae
s minimal effort on part of the other player to create a persona other than themselves.

I don't even think it's that, as many of my characters are merely over-exaggerated aspects of myself with some other stuff thrown in. Really, it's just because a lot of people are too damn lazy to make their character's speech fit the context. Making up insults can be quite fun, one of my favourites is probably "son of a lich", and there's loads more you can just kinda make up on the spot. :P

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