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I'm using a portuguese keyboard with a portuguese layout, when I play wow it wil,l after a while, change the layout to what I belive to be the english one. If I go to the windows desktop the layout is still the portuguese one. So this change happens only inside WoW. As a remedy I'm exiting the game and start it again. But I'm getting tired of it as it gets rlly annoying when playing with other ppl, be it in PvE or PVP. So what can I do to fix this?
Hello Crazyone,

There is a keyboard shortcut that you can press and that will change the keyboard language if you have multiple keyboard languages enabled in Windows system. This happens usually when you press left Alt + Shift together.

To disable that please press these keys in Windows and turn the multiple language option off and that should prevent this from happening in game, should you press these keys together.
Thanks Prokkar,
I've removed the English keyboard layout from the windows control panel and that solved the issue :)
Glad to hear that it's sorted!
Thanks! This has been bugging me for some time now. Easy fix. =)

For Windows 7:
Was Swedish layout I wanted to use, but ofc same methot to fix. Just go into Control Panel - Region and Language - Keyboards and Languages tab. Click "Change keyboards"... button.

In that window remove English (select, and remove button on right hand side), leaving only your wanted language. In case of more than one option per language (i.e. "Ink Correction (64bit Only)") in both or all languages, just remove it from the English side, unless you know exactly what it is and don't need it for either language.

Anyhow, when you have cleared any "unwanted" options in there, just apply and play on.
Lifesaver thnx a bunch
Thank you! I finnally got this mystery solved. I have my Parachute macro binded to § know the rest...
Thank you!

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