[Bug]Guardian of Ancient Kings Protection

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Today i did some quest and heroic dungeon.Everything was normal but after i logout when i look GoAP on my skill bar tooltip says : Incoming damage reduce %30..it was %50 before relog..But when i use GoAP it says %50 damage reduction on status...I wonder and i go for check it.And i dueled with 4-5 people...And it reduce %30...Thats really so big bug.And i need help about it...And i have already delete cache,WTF and Interface folder...
Hi there, Owwyeah. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

This is caused by an unintentional interaction between Guardian of Ancient Kings and the Glyph of Divine Protection. If you have the glyph active it will reduce the protection of the Guardian by 20%; this is not meant to happen, and a fix is on it's way.

My apologies for any confusion and inconvenience caused.

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