Your Characters Theme Song.

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With the recent developments.. Have to say;

For Amendez: Drowning Pool - Duet
For Yammael (My lovely Warlock): Machines of Loving Grace - Golgotha Tenement Blues
For Azaviel (My Priest): Porcupine Tree - Halo
For Corpue (My Warrior): Children of Bodom - In Your Face

Hate it or love it, but you cannot deny: this music fits perfectly to Death Knights. I saw them live last year and the whole atmosphere was so dark and evil <3

For some reason I see certain type of Classical to be a more of a fit.. Try Epica.
Bob Dylan - Maggie's Farm, 1965.

Just because Florete don't want to work at the farm either!
Johnny Flynn - Barnacle Warship. You've probably never heard of it, it's faaar too underground for you.
If I had a battle theme, then probably the battle theme from Konquest Mode in MK:Armageddon.
The list of my chars and what i see as their themes

Goldseeker - Iron Maiden - El Dorado
Bloodswash - Alestorm - Of Treasure
Katarina - Cynthia Harrel - I Am The Wind
Girdwood - Metallica - Of Wolf and Man

Grimforth: Iron Man - Black Sabbath
Spiraw: Stench Of Dismemberment - Festering !@#$%^l Discharge
Spiraw: Stench Of Dismemberment - Festering !@#$%^l Discharge

lol nice choice of music there
Ms Thorn - Goodnight Moon
Tauren w/ alchemy and herbalism! :D
for my lock: Kamelot: The haunting
for my dk: Omega Lithium: Stigmata
Succession of Witches from Final Fantasy VIII, definately
Agire - Funeral Ikos by John Tavener

Thuraman Solstice - The Horse and The Rider (the Tune in the Background
Static-X: The only
This,no doubt.
The Hero - Amon Amarth
Nickelback - Burn it to the ground.
0:00-0:15 would be what he seems to be on the outside.

0:16-1:01 would be what he actually is on the inside.

The random Engrish has nothing to do with Hegan.

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