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Hi there, basically using the new cataclysm mouse and im having lots of trouble trying to set up binds and macro's for the mouse.

What i'm looking for or wondering if its possible, if in the mouse options outwith the game using the built in macro support your able to write custom macro's to bind to a button. Ingame i can obviously make a macro and put it to a hotkey to bind to the button instead but i would rather just be able to use the built in macro builder on the mouse options.

For example i made a custom macro and binded it to mouse button 12. I disabled the start and send key, which i thought ment it just requires the mouse press to activate. In the macro window i just have
/cast Pummel
For the bottom i have "copy & paste" activated because tbh im not really sure what any of them do diffirently. Thats it. When i go ingame however and use mouse button 12 nothing happens. I'm not sure if im using the custom macros correctly.

It would also appear that going ingame and binding the buttons to the keys over-rights the mouse options panel outwith wow, like when one is changed the other stays the same, i'm not sure if thats whats happening here or if the problem is me not correctly understanding how to use the built in custom macro's.

Any help or a guide pointer on how to use this would be very appreciated. The official website has no help on implementing the macros to the buttons and doesnt really explain very well what start key and send key do along with the other delay options.

Thanks in advance.
In addition does anyone know if its possible to choose from the menu specific spells to bind to a button, like the mouse has lots of options to choose from for binds such as "target nearest enemy" but it would appear the only way to get the mouse to do specific spells is to make a custom macro for it, is that correct?

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