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I am playing WoW Cataclysm, newbie to the World of Warcraft game, i reached the magical lvl 60 and to my surprise, the XP bar is gone, and for some reason, and i just cannot find where to get trained for flying mounts.... am i missing something important here or what ?
I suspect that your account is only the basic World of Warcraft where maximum level is 60. To be able to advance further you need The Burning Crusade (which will get you to 70 and flying in Outlands), then Lich King (to 80 and flying in Northrend) and finally Cataclysm (to 85 and will unlock flying in Azeroth).
I have already bought and running Cataclysm :( should be working right through to lvl 85 which is the reason i bought it
Hey Dunkhan :)

Do you have any addons?
No, i dont believe i have, i just started recently and immediately started the game with Cataclysm and a few game auto updates... that's about it really
The WoW experience bar and art on the bottom isn't movable without downloading addons, so the only reason it would be gone is if for some reason you aren't able to advance in the game. If you already have the Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, and Cataclysm, then you should be able to continue. You might have a problem with one of your expansions being accepted correctly by Blizzard, or installed correctly. I would suggest restarting your game and computer, then repairing your WoW (with the Repair program in your WoW folder). If you are still having problems, you should try contacting Blizzard Support. :)

Oh and one more thing - did you try killing a monster that gives experience after it disappeared? Maybe it just needs a little poke to pop back up ;)
Thanks for your reply, i will try a re-install, i did go through a few Dungeons before i even noticed that i had no XP bar (too interested in watching what i was doing lol)
I think something must have gone wrong in the installation up to Cataclysm, took long enough i can tell you on line, but i have a disc copy of burning crusade, so i will try installing this before i start again.

Many thanks for your reply, i appreciate your help :)
Good luck :) I think that reinstalling it will definitely fix it.
IF you only bought Cataclysm, you will most likely require to buy The Burning Crusade, and Wrath of the Lich King otherwise you cannot proceed through the 60 + levels.

Can you create a Death Knight, Blood Elf, or Dranei?
Make sure you have TBC WOTLK Aswell it wont work without the first two.
Did you upgraded your account to cataclysm or did you just install them?

I dont know really if it matters but I think you have to wright down some codes or buy from battle.net =)
If you upgrade online, the product key for the new expansion is automatically added to your account. If you upgrade from CD (which it sounds like you've done with Burining Crusade) you need to go to your account and manually add the product key.

If you haven't already done this, use the account link at the top of the page to access your account. From what I remember, if you are missing a product key on your account, there will be a link on the right of the main account page to add a product key.

On this page, you can also check that under "your game accounts" it says World of Warcraft: Catacylsm. If it says Standard (I think it is), Burning Crusade or Wrath of the Lich King, your account is only upgraded to that level, and you will need to add product key(s) to bring it fully up to date.
There's a keyboard short cut that hides everything. It is mentioned in one of the tips on the loading screen; but I've forgotten what it is.

It hides everything, your health and mana bars, your XP bar, your mini map, your quest list, the whole works. Maybe he pressed this by mistake?
The keyboard shortcut is alt+z
I'm sure the OP will be reading this 10-month-old thread and thanking you, Snib.
Treeroy WIN
you may have removed the xp gaining feature at the invisible guy close to the battle masters and then forgot about it? if not it's either addons or some error in the files, tro removing addons and/or repair the client, if that doesn't work. Re-install the whole game
Izuzu, you are aware of that this thread is from January?
The WoW experience bar and art on the bottom isn't movable without downloading addons, so the only reason it would be gone is if for some reason you aren't able to advance in the game,

I think it can be removed from the Interface options, or something. Pretty sure I've done it once or twice, or at least with Pet XP before it was removed.
hi im hav lev 20 , den mi xp bar stop , im kill , complet quests ,and nothing !

what going round whit mi ?

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