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Yea its an awesome feeling to do the events when it cant be done due to restrictions of various sorts. Im not the person to complain in forums or simular but this is something that you, whoever responsible, should have thought about. Once a year we have the fun Lunar Festival. Many of these Elders you are to visit are in dungeons/instances.

But here's the part you probably did not know, and definetaly did not get told by mail or ingame note: Theres a limit! yes, theres a limit to how many instances you may enter. It wont say how long is left on the "cooldown" or what the maximum amount was.

But after a little looking around in google, i saw that there is 5 per 3 hours. So now i must wait 3 hours to complete my Dungeon Elders.

Isn't this something that should have been taken away temporarily, atleast for those specific dungeons at least?
Example for avoiding exploit of this exception could be that it doesnt count as one of the maximum if you dont kill any of the bosses (A suggestion not thoughtout since I came up with it 5 seconds ago so bear with me) so that those that want to do the regular dungeon get to do that, with normal rules. and those doing the Lunar gets to do that without having another reason to despy the game. Not saying that there are many, we are a patient people, but now that cata came out there's been many bugs and this maximum amount of instances is just one drop too much.

Is there any chance that for at least next years Lunar, this could be fixed?

Thanks in advance,
Wroarr (The Sha'tar server)
It's only 1 hour, and the timer starts from the time you enter the dungeon.

So if you use 12 minutes on each (including getting to the next dungeon), you should never hit this problem.

Happened to me yesterday, had to wait 5 minutes before I could enter, so no big deal (There was a few low-level alliance chars trying to enter the dungeon, so I had something to do while waiting) ;-)
This has actually been more of a problem for the seasonal bosses such as Corin Direbrew, since people such as myself with a lot of alts would get together with friend and/or guildies and do a large set of runs on the boss. All would be fine as long as we were doing the seasonal boss, no matter how many times we killed him on the same account[1]. This changed, however, when we would then try to do a heroic or a mount run and find outselves on "Too many instances" cooldown afterwards.

None of us being very good at keeping track of time (hey that's what you get for being in a guild that is very active at 3am), we had no idea how long we would have to wait until we could enter an instance again. Usually what happened was that one of us[2] would be designated to run at an instance portal every few minutes until we could get in while the others went off and did something else.

A timer for how long you have to wait before you can enter an instance again would be lovely.

As far as I understand the original logic behind the only so many instances an hour was to prevent botters and certian others from farming Dire Maul for books and the like, but I could very well be wrong on this point.

I'd personally love the instance cap dropped as well, or at least make anything with a holiday event in it not count for it. At the very least, a timer for how much longer one has to wait would be lovely.

[1] As far as I understand the dungeon cooldown is account-wide and not character restricted.
[2]Usually me since some of the others would get grumpy and I'd happily sit and knit while trying it every so often.
i dunno why is this system still in game... recently we're gonna to do baradin hold, someone of our raid had bugged instance save for baradin hold heroic (lol wtf?) and before we figured who is it half of our raid get this "debuff" so we've can not entered....

my god...

EDIT: in my opinion, solution is, set this stupid system on time spend in instance, cause i was only jump in and out instance cause we need checked who in our raid had a bugged save ID and we get this stupid lock....

so maybe better way set it on 10 or 5 minitues spend in instance....

imho :-)

Its in the game to stop instance farming, while it might be inconvenient to a point it doesn't stop you doing the relevant achievements.

You can enter upto 5 instances in the space of an hour. I am not aware of any plans to change this.
Hi to you too, i understand why its in game but i cant understand why it counts just when enter instances, like i write in my post, we need to checked who on our raid had a save ID so we need jump in on out instance and then half of us get this lock...

What about set it on time spend in instance? Just 1 or 2 minutes for example, its enought to jump in and out and its not enought time to fam something...
Hey, sorry for necroing a thread firstly - but I didn't wish to create a new thread which is on the same topic; however, I require some insight instead of a complaint. I also note this post would be better fitted in "Raids and dungeons" or "Interface and Macros" boards (my post that is) but again, for previous reasons I'm posting here.

I am currently author of an AddOn that attempts to track the five instances per hour limit; by taking the time entered and adding it to a list for tracking. A few users of the addOn have brought their concerns forward that the timings (when the one hour timer is initiated) may start upon leaving rather than on entering. My testing and their testing seem to be rather different and I was wondering if anyone with more experience or knowledge of the mechanic could provide some better insight so that my addOn can perform as intended.

I thought I'd note some points of interest about the api that make it quite difficult to manage sometimes, which I believe I mentioned on the old customisation forums.
It's incredible difficult to track resetting of instances; multiple function-hooking required for soloing, and near impossible to track for parties in which you aren't the leader. My addOn currently involves the user manually resetting when not leader via a /command. An event for when a reset occurs would be helpful from a api/programming perspective. As with hooking which seems to be the only option, their are some events that can cause the resetting of dungeons that cannot effectively be tracked.

As always any information regarding the timing or other related mechanics would be great, and thank you for your time.

Link to my addOn for those interested:
InstanceLockOut -
Sorry but, doesn't that sort of take part of the fun out of WoW a bit? I used to spend ALOT of time farming gear and rep and stuff, that is how I had my fun. But if Blizzard added transmog, surely they would allow farming, so players could actually get items to transmog easier.
2015 says hello. This thing is still annoying.
The limit is 10 per hour now afaik though which should be more than enough for any legit activity.
Cmon!! i did the brewfest BRD instances a few time after each other then i was invited to Archimonde HC and i cannot enter for i dont know how long! this is a pain in the !@#! :((

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