Conviction Bug, Different GMs Saying Different Things

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First off, i am unsure whether this is the right forum to be in. Please move it if it doesn't belong here. Also i am not talking about any action a GM has taken so irrc that doesn't break the forum CoC?

So at the minute the Holy Paladin talent Conviction isn't working as intended. The 9% increase healing got at 3 stacks is only applied to healing you cast on yourself and not anybody else. Whilst this 'bug' is annoying (if a blue does read this and knows if/when it'll be fixed that'll be great =P) i am not here to talk about that. That would have gone in the Paladin forums.

The reason i am here is because when reported by myself and several other players, half of the tickets were responded with "Its a bug" and the other half with "Working as intended"

My question is, when different GMs are asked the same question, how can the answers be so vastly different, especially with an issue such as a talent bug?
Is there anybody who can shed some light on this?
The spell is "working as intended" in as far as it applies a 9% increase to damage done and 9% increase to healing TAKEN.

However the tooltip implies healing done. Either the functionality is incorrect (but working as the talent should) or the tooltip is.

Only time will tell which.
When i posted this 10 hours ago, the spell was broken. Now the spell is fixed.
This was indeed a bug, and has since been solved. :)

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