So where is the storyline?

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I became 80 level still i cannot find my storyline. How to find the quest for Lich King?
You don't defeat Lich King during a quest. He's a raid boss. And you can't solo him at level 80.
When you play in northrend from lvl 68 to 80 you play trough the stories of the different zones. These days you get more experience in those zones then what you got back in wotlk expansion, so you'll level faster trough zones and unfortunatly miss allot of the stories.

If you want to see more of the lich king stories i'd advice you to do the quests in dragonblight, icecrown, argent tournament grounds and do the forge of souls, pit of saron and halls of reflection dungeons and end it with the icecrown citadel raid. It will be hard to get it done on level 80 but allot easier on level 100, wich is why i advise you to play to 100 first before you go and do this if it's the story you're interested in.
There is also the DK starting area, in those quests you get to carry out the work of the litch king for a few levels.

Edit: You have to make a Death Knight to experience this area.

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