Your biggest streaks of luck?

Since I yesterday got myself a raven lord AND pureblood fire hawk, I thought I'd ask other people what kind of streaks of luck they have had.

So... what is the biggest streak of luck you have had :D?
Rivendare's Deathcharger dropped twice in a row - wasn't even farming it. A friend was boosting me at the time xD
Grats, Moraida, for the mounts. Still haven't got those yet.

My biggest streak of luck was to answer, one very early morning, to someone's request for help in Blackwing's Lair. Been happy ever since. :)<3

But cheesy bits aside, I seem to brings luck to OTHERS, rather than myself. All my friends get mounts, armors, diverse drops when I am around, but I have to farm/grind for myself over and over. 23 runs for the damned LFR bow in SOO will never be forgotten.
I also seem to have better luck on alts rather than my main. On this one, for instance, got the brewfest kodo twice already since the event started, on another alt I got the mount from Timeless Isle twice (forgot the name, but it was the black serpent one) and so on.

Hm... Maybe finding Time Lost Protodrake twice and without actually farming it, before the mounts were account bound, in WOTLK could count as lucky.
I just seem to have this stupid thing going on, when I want something, it doesn't drop. When I get so mad, I give up, then I get it. So frustrating! :)
Alysrazor mount one day, and one of the drakes that drops in wotlk raids, not sure which one, dropped a day or two later.
During FL, I had horrible luck and never got my 4set bonus (I KNOW!!).

When DS LFR came out, I did it the first day it released (obviously) and I got the DS 4 set bonus that day. The main downside, people accused me of using the exploit that Method/Paragon used but damn, I was the highest DPS in the guild, and the best geared horde pally on my server because of it. Good times!
At my 2nd Canopic Jar, i found the Recipe: Vial of Sands.
With my BF we kill Arthas, and the mount drops. He rolls 90, and I 91 (he stills hate me for that!).
succeeded on 3 ship-missions with a chance of below 60%
I always seem to be quite unlucky drop wise :(
currently I'm still running on it started 10/9/15

Completed warglaives in 2 runs equipped 10/9 people thought I was joking when the off hand fell that the next reset I'd get the main hand
Ashes of alar dropped
amber direhorn dropped on first warbringer I spotted
Both Firelands mounts dropped
Blue drake dropped for me
Raptor from Zul Gurub dropped
Hit 200 mount achievement
Not done the raids yet this reset.

after invincible and the throne of 4 winds this week and ultraxion as the spine irritates the hell out of me.
I've had the damn Azure drake drop 5 times recently. Still no blue drake. :(
Boosting a newbie friend of mine in strath, as she wanted the sword for mogging.
In 5 runs we had both the Mount (3rd) and Sword (5th) drop, and I even got the mount so I never ever have to set foot in strath again!
having all the brewfest mounts years back, yet with the introduction of the mount tab, my brewfest kodo dissappearing in thin air.
Well, let's see...

First run with my priest, got the Blue Proto Drake.

Got both Malygos mounts on the same run, and it was like my fourth or fifth run.

The cake, though, was last week.
Wednesday: got the mount from Karazhan. Friday: got the mount from Onyxia. Sunday: got the mount from Vault of Archavon.
I giggled like an idiot for days.
I was flying towards Ulduar to hunt pieces for the shaman scourgestalker set. Time-Lost Proto-Drake spawned in front of me. Quick slap and I got him.
Raven Lord on first Heroic run and Green Proto Drake from my first egg hatch.

Then it all ended. The RNG gods shunned me.... Forever.
My biggest streak was kinda silly and I've never seen anything like it since. In one reset it was like:

Started with Raven Lord + White Hawkstrider within 10 mins of each other.
Then I got Kara Mount whilst on my way to help someone in BWD.
Went to VoA for the first time ever and got 3 Mammoths from 4 bosses.
And I got another mount I can't remember, probably something not as special like a Malygos one.

Wtb that luck again.
Both glaives and thunderfury on the same day.

You can even check my achievements, it's legit.
A month or two into WotLK, when I reached revered with the Oracles on the toon I was playing then, I started purchasing eggs. Every 3 (or 4?) days I would open it only to find aged yolk. Did this for months and months without receiving anything else. I gave up on the whole thing eventually.
Started again by the end of cata, and bought eggs for another couple of months without any more luck and got even more demotivated.

Fast forward to WoD. I had pretty much forgotten all about it, and as I was feeling nostalgic one day and flew around Northrend, I thought I'd park the char with sufficient rep there for egg-purchasing purposes.
Bought an egg, three days passed, I logged in, opened the egg and lo and behold... there it was.

Other honorable mentions:
- Got the legendary bow from KJ on my first ever run through Sunwell (not only on the hunter, but like... ever).
- Got both bindings for TF on the rogue within a reasonable amount of runs
- Got the Eye of Sulfaras on the next run (for mats for TF)
- Got another binding for TF (no idea what I am going to use it for though...)

This is apparently the price I paid. When it comes to luck for mount-drops; I have never killed a mob/boss less than 70 times (account-wide) in order for a mount to drop. Baron Rivendare had to taste my blade no less than 269 times.

Not sure if this counts as "luck", given the total runs I had prior to this, but within the span of one week (on two lockouts) I got Mimi's Head, Invincible and the VoA mount.
10th run Blazing drake, 11th Life-binder's Handmaiden, 12th Handmaiden again.
Hmm i got Deathcharger Reins, Firey Warhorse Reins, and Ashes of Al'ar within the same week. Also got both Thunderfury parts in the same run. My Death Knight got the Eye of Sulfuras on her first Molten Core run too. Though, it did take quite a few hundred runs across all my chars for Deathcharger to finally drop, had been after it since Classic.

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