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My original thread reached its posting limit. Therefore I'm redoing it.

Firstly, please, when posting your info, press the "REQUEST STICKY" button towards the top right side of the page. If it gets enough hits, it will then be considered by the moderators to be pinned to the front page as a sticky.
Generally, when a thread moves off the 1st page, it is harder for other people to notice it. So by pressing that button you are being courteous to others (maybe even absolute beginners to WoW) who may wish to use this thread at a later date than today to try and find in-game friends themselves.


Let's face it, we all need friends in-game, whether it is to try for mutual achievements, valor cap HC's, LFR, PVP etc, or to ask someone if they can lend a hand with a problem, or even just to say hello to someone and chat once in a while.

So if you'd like to make new friends, simply post in the same format as below. (Note, DON'T list which sex you are as it could lead to unwanted attention, likewise, DON'T give out your email address).

About me:

Age: 30+

Personality: Laid back and mature

Side: Horde only


Rogue: (DPS)

Spec: Combat only

(I do have an Alliance rogue as well, but its sole purpose doesn’t involve gameplay)

Playing time: (at the moment) Mon: 12.30pm – 4.30 pm, Tue 12.30 pm – 7 pm, Wed and Thu 12.30pm – 4.30 pm, Fri 12.30 pm – 7 pm, Sat and Sun, most of the day.
I do play in the evenings Mon-Fri too, but I simply never know just how much Russian-English translation work I need to do until I receive it, so evening playing time is very erratic.

Up for: Helping you out if required and it's in my character's ability to do so, HC’s for cap, LFR, ach’s (inc Raids (new and old), HC and PVP) etc.

Other interests: Many.

Battletag: LadySylvanas#2676

(To add a battletag and request being friends with a person, either

A: In the Battlenet client, left click on the blue person icon at the top right, it will then open up a sub column. In the top left, click on 'add friend', it will then prompt you to type (or paste in) the battletag of the person you want to be friend's with. Then click on 'send request' at the bottom left.

B: In-game, left click on the yellow 'social' icon towards the bottom left of your screen. It will bring up a sub screen. Enter (or paste in) the battletag and press 'add friend'.
About me:

Started playing WoW again a couple of months back after a long break. I'm currently thinking about starting a new character, and I would love to have someone to level with. I'm open to most classes and faction/server doesn't matter too much.

Age: 23+

Personality: Laid back, mature and humoristic

Side: Both, but mainly Horde


Spec: Protection

Spec: Marksmanship

Spec: Fury/Arms

A lot of alts

Playing time:
I tend to play in the evenings Mon-Fri. Occasionally I have off days during the week, where I play in the day as well. Sat-Sun I play most of the day.

Up for: Questing, leveling, raiding, transmog- and achievement runs.

Battletag: Bidan13#2322
Hey, I'm all in for this. There is a mystery going around my friend's list. The more months of 6.2 come and go the thinner my friends list becomes. True mystery indeed so.. why not try to fix that.

About me:
Languages: i speak Russian/English
Age: 20+
Personality: Laid back , Really talkative and open minded.
Side: Horde only
Mage: Dreadgear@argent dawn
Spec: Arcane only !

I've been a horde for 7 years, and i don't see that changing any time soon.

I'm a cook, i love talking about culinary (shocker i know) I can really start hour long chats about different cultures and their traditional dishes and what not. I mostly Play WoW and LoL. I love reading ,any kind of reading from news to books to forums (hence i spend more time here than in the actual game).

For my in-game interests, i love grinding , from rep to mobs to anything even archaeology and fishing. I find those quite relaxing with a good guild chat and decent music in the background. I also really enjoy un-rated pvp. Such as skirmishes and random battlegrounds. I always try to grap a few friends to tag along in those said battlegrounds.

Have nothing against Raiding, just didn't found the interest in doing them , regardless of that i know fully all tactics and have more than enough gear so anyone who'd need a scrub mage would fish me out.
I'm a humourous person, i love bad puns and terrible jokes , i make a lot of those myself.

I'm usually free from 14:00/16:00 and beyond.

So who ever is interested in a fun chat count on me. Battle Tag : Archwiper#2663
Good thread.

Age: around 30
Personality: Chaotic Neutral
Language: English/Russian/Estonian
Other interests: Electronic music, cinema, beer

Side: Horde / Ally (RP)
Realms: Shadowsong, Zenedar, Argent Dawn
Chars: some alts, but most of the time it's Tindella

Playing time: varies, usually evening/nights
Up for: anything

Battletag: Mag#2169
Age: 22
Personality: Lawful Good. Easy-going, friendly, relaxed and enjoy to talk about various stuff. I don't tolerate stupid people and toxic people.
Language: English/Montenegrin/Serbian/a bit of German
Other interests: Sports, Science, Music, Having fun, Making friends, helping people etc.

Side: Horde / Ally (RP, PvE)
Realms: Draenor, Argent Dawn
Chars: Usually on Uruk with three more alts.
Playing time: varies, mostly in the afternoon/evening
Up for: Raiding, achi-hunting, chatting, questing, some random bg here and there, Brawler's Guild, mount/pet/toy/transmog runs.

Battletag: Uruk#11500
Nice to see you Back OP so I will post again like I did in the original thread

Age Old Enough
Easy going Good sense Humor Friendly Like to talk about TV shows or anything to be fair
I can put up with most types of people but I do have my limits can be quiet at times so dont worry if dont reply its just me not paying Attention

Main Language English
I am online for most part each day (perks of working from home)
Play both sides Horde an alliance
realms Magtheridon Horde Vek'nilash Alliance Doomhammer Alliance
I like mount farming reputations (not wod ones but will force myself in the end to do them) Achievement runs Raids dabble in PVP not often

Battle Tag Symon#2558
I have the guild for this ;)
I have the guild for this ;)

So do i but you can never enough friends
About me: 10 years hard labour in this game and going strong.

Age: 43

Personality: Laid back and mature. Not afraid to be comes with age.

Side: Both

Characters: All classes at lvl 100 except for priest, currently lvl 92

Playing time:
Occasional weekday evenings. Weekend mornings and evenings.

Up for: Achiev hunting, questing, casual raiding (if someone will put up with me) leveling and some casual bgs.

Battletag: I'll edit this in soon. I honestly can't remember and I've typed this on iPad.

Bigvern#2449 it seems to be :-)
About me: I first started playing when my left my Ex over this game, I wanted to find out what was so great about it, bought the battlechest and went from there.
I've been playing on and off for about 8 years.

Age: 30

Personality: Shy to begin with, I speak my mind and can be quite stubborn. But I like to have fun doing dorky things and enjoying different parts of the game. I also might be really quiet if you add me and whisper, but keep poking I'll say something whe my courage returns.

Side: Main is Alliance but I do play Horde as well.

Characters: This one and far too many alts.

Playing time: Sunday to Weds evenings, I work nights so daytime isn't a thing unless it's early in the morning.

Up for: Achievements, Questing, Chatting and some Fun!

Battletag: Taerar#2945
About me: Played this game since Vanilla, mainly always been a Guild Leader in that time and have had such a great time being one. Not one anymore due to studying main prio of my life aha.

Age: 22

Personality: Very Chatty, fun and friendly id say.. easy to talk too and to make new friends!

Side: Alliance always! (I cant hack them horde cities for some reason)

Characters: Yendie, Yendi,Yeendie, Yendsin,, you get it.. haha

Playing time: most evenings, some mornings in weekends.. and a hangover sunday usually :D

Up for: anything! but I love PvP and World pvp when there is any.. Also everyone calls me a transmorg queen.. so I do like transmorg runs haha.. Enjoy dungeons too.. Generally the whole game.. but all pvp aspects are my favourite.

Battletag: EliottC#2922

Welcome back LSwindrunner! I had to do a double take when I saw that you were the author of this thread! I hope your health has improved!

About me:
I'm me, really. Got into WoW through a flatmate getting my first character to 85 a few days before the Mists of Pandaria pre-patch and sort of slowly learned my way about from there, from not understanding the difference between a grey and a purple weapon, to some casual raiding now. Once upon a time I was training to be a doctor, but I grew despondent with how the UK health system is failing both the public and the staff and how cold the profession seemed to be becoming so got out while I could.

Age: 23

Personality: I'll openly admit I'm a bit of a wildcard. I try to be polite and respectful, but if someone ruffles my feathers I can be very outspoken. My humour is extremely dry, sarcastic, tongue in cheek and insult-based - some people mistake it for actual rudeness but it's just in jest. Other than that I'm fairly happy-go-lucky and like to be spontaneous and do fun things.

Side: The Sin'dorei will reign supreme!

Chars: Priest (Disc/Holy), Monk (Mistweaver), Paladin (Holy), Shaman (Resto), Druid (Resto).



Up for: Long walks on the beach and nights wi- oh.

Generally just bits and bobs here and there. I tend to do a bit of everything. Levellings alts mindlessly to pass time, grinding out alt stuff, PvPing while screeching at the screen to release steam.

Other interests: Music is a huge passion of mine, and I'm classically trained in several instruments, so if you're a music enthusiast we might get along. I'm also addicted to RuPaul's Drag Race (hint hint~) and Grey's Anatomy.

Battletag: Deleze#1493
Nice idea :D

About me: Been playing since steadily since MoP, played a bit back in WoTLK before taking a break.

Age: 30+

Personality: Quiet most times, tho will speak when spoken too :) Enjoy chatting if there is something to talk about.

Side: Alliance only

Realm: Chamber of Aspects only

Characters: DK x2 ( Blood/Unholy), MM Hunter, Arcane/Frost Mage, Fury Warrior, Ret Pally, Disc Priest, all are lvl 100. Working on Resto shammy lvl 76 currently

Playing Time: weekdays after 5 server till whenever, weekends

Up For: Achieve hunting, mount farming, lvling, old raid content, not big into raiding atm as I am burned out from it :P

Battletag: Amadude#2206
06/09/2015 19:56Posted by Izzyfurious
My advise to a similar thread i posted awhile ago.

17/08/2015 21:23Posted by Izzyfurious
Im gonna be downvoted for telling common sense, because no one on this forum can take common sense obviously.

If you want the social back for you, you can also do it if you start been social to others, instead of hoping others will be social towards you.

Start by helping other players that want help, by helping more and more you bring social back to not only others, but also yourself.

And if you do that others will want to be more social with you.

This is how i have gotten a ton of friends in the game, and it really works!

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