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Age: 30

Languages: English, Hindi, and a ton of other Indian languages
Side: Alliance main and horde for lore
Realm: Silvermoon/Draenor
Chars: Hunter, Druid, Paladin and all other classes as alts which I play casually.

I am a mature hardcore turned casual player. Was playing on US servers back in vanilla and TBC. Rolled over to EU during WoLTK once I met a couple of colleagues who were playing on EU. Stopped hardcore raiding in Cata and since been a casual. Now a days, I primarily play for the story and achievements/mounts.

Don't really do a lot of PvP outside battlegrounds due to relative lag (50-80ms) caused by the distance.

Other interests: Old raids, transmog runs, lore conversations.

BTag: Azmodeus#3133
Age: 19

Personality: Laid back, mature, good humor and like to have a laugh

Side: Alliance

Chars: Main is DK(DPS) although i have a monk alt

Playing time: Random, i do play a lot though as i have a lot of free time

Up for: Raiding, mythic/c hc dungeons etc.

Other interests: Gaming specifically H1Z1 and CSGO

Battletag: Adam#2852
My name is Xantic and i've been a alcoholic for 10 years..
lol jk

personality : relaxed,open minded, psychological and i like being funny sometimes

Faction : horde and alliance. I play horde more than alliance.

main class : MM hunter --> cuz big numbers feels good!
a mage and warrior as alts.

Realm : Outland

Playing time : mostly around 18:00 pm - 02:00/03:00 am. But everyday isn't like the other so expect me logging off earlier or going afk.

Age : 23

Intrests : i like watching movies, work out, watch documentaries about medicine or space and how everything is made and so on. I also like girls heehee. hanging out with friends and having a beer or going partying is ofc included in my life.

What im up for : im up for almost everything except WoD pve raids because i got no raiding gear, everything else is fine with me
Battletag : wallaswaglol#2127
yeah... long story.. so don't ask about the btag name lol
Hello! After a really long break I’m trying to get back into this game and would love to find some new friends. I want to start a new char (probably mage), and re-learn all the things, so currently I'm mainly looking for someone to lvl up with. I've never been a great player nor would I call myself a very experienced one. I simply want to have fun.

Languages: English, Polish (native), and Japanese. Also some Spanish and German.
Age: 23
Personality: open-minded, honest, understanding, shy. I’m not a very talkative person but I really enjoy playing games with other people.
Realm: Any. Until now, I’ve been playing on the Maelstrom mostly. I am thinking about starting a new char on Defias Brotherhood.
Playing times: It varies and depends on a day. I usually have the app running in the background.
Up for: anything, as long as it is entertaining for me.
Chars: DPS
interests: learning languages, travelling, playing guitar, listening to music (recently mostly post-rock and folk metal but I enjoy a lot of different genres) , working out at the gym, watching tv series, reading fantasy books, Japanese language&culture.

BATTLETAG: Nevran#2554 Feel free to add me. :)
this is very good idea
Count me in.

Age: 25

Faction: Horde

Characters: (100 Shaman, 100 Mage, 100 Warlock, 100 Priest, 100 Warrior, 100 DK, 100 Druid), Hunter, Paladin, Rogue

Up for: BGs, Arenas, Raids (mainly)

Playtime: This is probably my biggest crux with WoW atm; I don't usually get to play more than 2-3 times a week, usually scattered on evenings between Wednesday and Monday.

Personality: I prefer to joke a lot (I have what some may call a cynical sense of humor) and try to keep a joyous atmosphere, but I'm more of a speak-when-spoken-to type of person.

Realm(s): Bloodhoof and Ghostlands; I'm all for starting a character on another realm though.

Languages: English, Arabic (somewhat)

Interests: Listening to music (varied, kinda depends on my mood and what I'm doing), reading, certain sports, computing (specifically networking, AI and digital forensics), languages.

Battletag: Drega#2198, I'd be more than happy to have more friends :D

My Battletag is MichaelG#2801

Characters: Far to many 100's, but I have my Mage, which is my LFR/Casual PvE Main, and then a Night Elf Priest for Alliance PvP and a Blood Elf Warlock for Horde PvP (I am still gearing him though)

Up for: PvP, PvE and RP, but I prefer PvP and PvE.

Interests: I love Star Wars, LOTR and films like that. I always like playing WoW, and despite being in my 20's now, I still LOVE Pokemon. Milotic and Gyrados being my favourite Pokemon. I also love talking about my worries for my poor little Disc Priest in Legion and how Disc will work in PvP and if it will be a spec to play in PvP :-D

Language: English

Playtime: Mainly weekends, but I do play during the week, but for not as long as I do work, and I do feel tired Monday - Thursday.

Realms: Silvermoon (Alliance) and Argent Dawn (Horde.) I don't really want to play on other servers, as I am quite happy on these two servers.

Personaility: Helpful, honest, happy and I love cracking jokes :-D
About me: My name is Ronald and I've been playing this game pretty much more on then off for the duration of it's lifespan. I'm an alt-o-holic and I tend to be pretty goofy and talkative once I get to know people!

Age: 24
Personality: Chilled and laid back
Side: Pretty much equal to Alliance and Horde. For pony!
Chars: Too many, I have 14 level 100s atm

Playing time: Currently whenever I feel like playing as I'm in between jobs as well as waiting for college to start in September. (and whenever the servers allow me to log in!)

Up for: Helping out, HCs, LFR, rep farming, goofing around, talking (yes please!)
Other interests: Technology, discussions, random banter.

Battletag: Skulliedoo#2925
I like new friends.

About me:

Age: 28

Personality: Laid back, funny and mature

Side: Both Alliance and Horde

Chars: Every class

Spec: More or less every spec, experience and gear varies.

Playing time: When I've got the time, all hours of the day.

Up for: Everything. Helping out is fun. I enjoy, PVP, achievements and PVE alike.

Other interests: Many.

Battletag: Tronski#2448
About me: I've been playing on and off since Burning crusade came out, I have never set up a subscription as I just like to play from time to time so I buy a month here and there.
I love the lore of WOW and it is my MMO fantasy fix (My Sic-fi fantasy fix is Star Trek Online)

Age: 34

Personality: Urmmmmm, Pass

Side: Alliance and Horde, mostly Horde because Blood Elves rule!

Chars: Mage and Mage and another Mage

Playing time: When I've got the time, all hours of the day, around working shifts.

Up for: Everything, but not PvP

Other interests: Many.

Battletag: KazFerret#2781
About me:

Age: 25

Personality: Mature and enjoy chatting

Side: Both

All of them!

Laguage: Dutch (main) English, Danish

Playing time: Any time after 5pm during the week. Usually most of the day in the weekends cept for friday evening.

Up for: Giving general advice as i've been playing for quite a few years, helping with achievements, doing dungeon runs with my healer (she is 68 atm so still lvling her) and chatting to make playing more enjoyable!

Other interests: Music, watching anime or reading manga, shopping!

Battletag: Sharon#2282

Thread seems to have died but hope I will get some adds!
27/03/2016 16:31Posted by Magístríx
I still LOVE Pokemon. Milotic and Gyrados being my favourite Pokemon.

Nothing wrong with loving Pokemon!!! Eevee all the way <3
About me : been playing WoW since Burning Crusade on and friends got a hold of WoW when it first appeared and i was fascinated with how everything looked especially since i played a lot of warcraft 3 and i was hooked by wow.

Age: 27 years

Personality: Laid back/social/love to help when i can

Side: Horde/Alliance(been playing both)

Chars : Warrior(but have mostly all classes to 100)

Spec: Arms

Gaming time : mostly from 6pm-8/9Pm server time(but that all depends on how i'm at home).

Up for : PvP, Lfr, running old raids for achievements,and basically helping out whenever i can.

Interest outside WoW : Reading books(plain ol paper books), music, and recently making videos and uploading them to youtube.

Bnet tag : Goblinutzu#2363

If anyone wants to be friends with me feel free to add my bnet and let's have fun in WoW.
Just wanted to say this thread is such a nice idea :). Already met some really nice people who made time fly by and playing less lonely! Thank you for this ^^
About me : My name is Adam, currently a Law Student. I've been playing Wow since TBC. Sadly most of my good friends have took a break from wow so I no longer have people to play with. I mainly do pvp now days, bg's, Arena's etc but it will be nice to have people to talk to in-game :)

Age: 20 years

Personality: I'm mature, sociable and up for having a laugh and conversations with people.

Side: Mainly playing Alliance but have horde chars as well.

Chars : Enhancement Shaman as my main but also have warrior and priest as my alts.

Gaming time : Changes depending on what i've got going on in real life. I mostly play in the evenings but sometimes I play through-out the day.

Up for : PvP, gaining Achievements and more or less anything.

Other Interests : Music, I also enjoy travelling and sports

Bnet tag : ForTheHorde #2820

Please feel free to add me :)

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