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Can we please get this stickied, Aerythlea?
About me:
I decided to come back to WoW after a long break.I have been playing since Wotlk. All my friends decided to quit wow and basically i have no one to play with sadly. Let's introduce. My name is George and i'm from Greece. I like to take part at conversations,give advises, i don't get mad at all so don't worry for that and mainly have fun. Back at cata i was doing PvE and PvP . I'm looking for someone who will make a new start with me(level up a chr) . If you decide to do something alone it's boring that's why i'm looking for someone to be a friend and have some fun, talk and all that ! I don't think i ask for to much but because i have so many memories from this game i really want to try it again since i have been playing for many years . I want to enjoy the game, the leveling, explore everything and not rush it.

I'm looking for someone who wants the same. Maybe you think i'm picky but i'm not, i want to enjoy the game with some friends. If for example you don't want to level up don't forget i'm always up for a conversation !

So i want to create a new character i don't have a problem at all on which realm.i'm up ! Since this is a new account sadly i can't provide anything, no gold etc.

If you think that we will match feel free to add me and start the adventure !
Don't forget if you want to make a conversation with someone i'm here.

Age: 20+

Language: English, Greek

Side: Prefer horde but i dont have a problem if you want alliance

Playing time: daily at 8 to 12 at morning (UTC/GMT +2 Hours) Hope that's the right and around at 10 to 1 at night (UTC/GMT +2 Hours) .

Up for: Questing, leveling, explore , everything!

Have a good day!

Battletag: Telyna#2975
About me:

Let's see... I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina, I played WoW since WOTLK but only on crappy private servers,this is the first time that I've I decided to play on original WoW servers and I already pre ordered Legion. I play Warlock as my main since WOTLK ,but I am also .. skillful on Feral and Windwalker. Quite a Lore freak too ,and at the endgame you will see me doing PvP mostly.

Age: 18

Language : Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian , English

Personality: Outgoing and willing to talk and joke much :P

Side: Currently leveling my first toon on Alliance,but I will make a Horde lock soon

Chars: Kshmr ,my only char and he is on Ravencrest realm

Warlock: (DPS)

Spec: Destro and Aff

Playing time: From 7:30 to 2 in the morning

Up for: Helping you out if required and any way I am able to in that particular moment

Other interests: Electronic Dance Music and Football (ARSENAL FC!)

Battletag: KSHMR#2429
Thank you for the stickie, Aerythlea. Much appreciated!
Hi all.

I am VERY touched that this post has been stickied by the Community Managers.

I've achieved a lot in the 7-8 years I've been playing this game, but this sticky is my proudest moment of them all and I SINCERELY thank EVERYONE who has ever posted in this thread and its predecessor for making this moment possible (and ofc the CM's as well).

The World of Warcraft is quite simply, not a game at all without ALL of YOU who play it.

Many play with irl friends, but many, like myself, began to play it not knowing anyone else irl who did, and for me, that is still the case and will probably remain so.

For many, this thread is a good starting point for those in the same boat as myself, or those whose irl friends/guildmates leave the game for one reason or another and they find themselves a little lonely.

Keep posting your details, keep making friends to help with content or simply to have the chance to chat to someone new.

Take care
L S Windrunner

Edit: I'm still open to requests thrown my way, but due to reasons beyond my control my playing time is very erratic right now and will remain so for a number of weeks/months. (Basically, almost no electricity in Crimea means almost no playing or forum posting)
About me: I started playing the game during the end of Wrath of the Lich King, but I was such a newbie back then that I didn't really get to experience the raids and such. I've played pretty consistently ever since then. I do indulge in roleplay every once in a while, but it has become rare.

Age: 22 years, 23 next year!
Languages: English and German - the latter being my native tongue.
Personality: Very open-minded and talkactive, I love spending time with people and doing stuff together. Generally fairly laid back.
Side: Primarily Horde, working on some Alliance toons.

    Valenth [level 100 destruction warlock, dps]
    Aeonh [level 100 frost mage, dps]
    Aryndal [level 100 beastmastery hunter, dps]
    Jaelthos [level 93 blood death knight, tank]
    Kerreth [level 92 combat rogue, dps]
    Venyth [level 90 holy paladin, healing]

Playing time: Almost always available.

Up for: Anything! I'm not big with PVP, but everything else flies - done roleplaying, rep grinding, running legacy raids, current raids, progression, lfrs, challenge mode dungeons, normal dungeons, leveling alts, roleplaying, etc. etc. I'm pretty much an allrounder.

Other interests: I'm a sucker for drawing, love writing in general and have always been invested in various video game franchises. I'm also pretty interested in books, fantasy movies, graphic design, music and everyone who knows me also knows that I loooove animals.

Battletag: Valenth#2396
02/12/2015 14:19Posted by Valenth
I'm a sucker for drawing
Very nice topic!

If you are looking for someone to talk with or need help or anything feel free to add me aswell.

About me: I am a day one player. So been around for almost 11 years now. From vanilla till end of wotlk I did all available content. Raiding and pvp. From then I started to play more casual since my situation changed a lot. Got a wife and children and started for myself with my work. So no more hardcore raiding for me :D

Age 34

English and Dutch

Very easy going, always positive, a lot humor, helpfull and can be very calm are talk a lot, depending who I am playing with.

Side Mainly horde but also don't mind playing alliance every now and then.

Characters Got all classes. 3 level 100's now and 8 level 90's. Play the most on my priest Yara, my hunter Mysta and this rogue.

Playing times mostly early and late evenings.

Up for:
Almost everything. I don't pvp much anymore and I think I have never set foot in an arena.

Other interests: Thats a lot of things really, so always something to talk about :D

Battletag: Angellus#2707
New to EU: Starting a sister guild to my US counterpart on Eitrigg/Shu'halo. Forming a guild for the purpose of having fun together and

Anyone who likes to teach people to raid in a respectful and mature manner, add my battletag: Meira#1501
Heya, I like the idea of this thread (:

About me:

Im a pretty old player, been around since TBC. Seen raiding in pretty much all the expansions at various levels and as many char's playing many roles. Progression now doesnt interest me so much as a social atmosphere that you can feel valued in, that was always what really made me into a guild or not. Im a student , I like making a connection with people but im very introverted. I play pretty casually now just doing things like protecting lil lowbies in hellfire.

Age: 26

Language : English

Personality: Introspective

Side: Horde!

Chars: Many but this is my main.

Spec: Protection (Get behind me)

Playing time: All and any, not late nights anymore

Up for: Random encounters and mutual curiosity

Other interests: Films and Anime, Animals, Debates, Comedians!

Battletag: JustDewitt#2566

I've been playing the game for about 4 years now, with some breaks.

Age: 32

Languages: Swedish, Finnish, English

Personality: Laid back and mature.

Side: Mainly Alliance.

Characters: Warrior, Hunter, Paladin and Shaman at lvl 100

Playing time: Evenings (Monday-Sunday)

Up for: Achievement hunting, casual raiding, leveling and some casual bgs.

Realms: Draneor, Tarren Mill

Battletag: SrimpSiis#2577
About me:

Age: 30+

Personality: Laid back and (im)mature, with a terrible and slightly concerning sense of humour at times haha

Side: Alliance


Shaman, (Resto, Ele and Enhance)

Warlock, (Destro, Affl - alt for lower raids etc)

Playing time:

I play in the evenings .. sometimes 7 days a week all work dependent really.. sometimes during the day too as i'm self employed .. in the Winter time work is generally scarce due to the weather which gives me a fair bit of time to persue the things i enjoy .. one of them online gaming .. other things uv psychadelic art and projection mapping for psy trance events etc

Up for: I like to reach the end of current content and push boundaries and rank for my current char, i want to spend my time high end raiding at mythic difficulty on a regular basis, we are doing this in guild but im happy to join others as long as it doesnt affect out guild raid time

Other interests: Art, Music, Festivals, LIFE !

Battletag: Uvishnu#2725

I like to be active on teamspeak and help other's out, if im not smashing raids im happy to help with a team to gear up alts or recently returned raiders .. looking to find a group for challenge mode golds etc and generally make some more friends within the community


x x
Great idea!

Pretty casual player. Irish. Training to become a lawyer

Age: 23

Personality: Laid Back and Mature

Horde (Rogue 100)
Alliance (Monk 100)

Weekday - Evenings
Weekend - Daily

Battletag: Jaxxler#2440

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