Rate the Death Knight transmog above you part 7

Death Knight
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Cool set, but nothing unique or special about it.

7/10 beep boop
I like the set, but... I prefer Naxxramas 25hc

9/10 pretty cool

p.s my belt is bugged on armory here are screenshots - http://imgur.com/a/PIn9F
The big mace is not very fitting so -1 for that

9/10 overall ;p
03/03/2016 18:56Posted by Blighthoof
The big mace is not very fitting so -1 for that

9/10 overall ;p

the laughing skull mask and tier 13 look really good together (i might steel it)

perhaps the Runescriven Demon Collar looks better then the current one you have

9/10 i didn't like your wep, but i loved how it matched the accent colors of your chest, shoulders and helm would have been a 10/10 but your boots broke up that glorious color palette you had going.
Lol, you look sweet ! I would add some shirt, googles on head maybye are not dkish, but anyway you look sweet - 10/10 ;D
Well combinated items do such great transmogs 9/10 :)
Perfect match with these swords and tabard. 10/10
5/10. It would be a nice set for anything else BUT a death knight even Blood. But credit for matching the colors.
9/10 Cool pose:D
The helmet and tabard look really out of place. 5/10
Dreadnaught helm and blue CE ? now i'm jealous. (if only that helm wasn't so pricey here)

Good classic dk look, old LK would be proud but...no cape no whoosh whoosh noise :(

Always liked that set, really suits a death knight well!

9/10 :D
Cyndri- 8/10. Looks a little bit disco but i kinda dig that! ;)
Nothing super original, nor do i have it yet
but this is what I planned for Legion

And.. 7/10 not bad
6/10 Maybe another Dk set match better.

7/10, maybe get a better matching weapon.

I still need matching weapons for this set myself, if anyone has any suggestions.
8/10 looks great, the tabard matches the set well.

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