Challenge Mode Boosting

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Bought a run from these guys today, really fun bunch.

The run was very smooth and took a bit over 2 hours.

I highly recommend them if you're planing to buy a CM boost! :)
Had a great run, nice and smooth! Great way to finish up on this expansion.
Great boost, friendly also, 0 wipes very clean!
Went today.

Everything was smooth and there were good instructions of what to do.
I liked the Danish guy, he sounded very PØLSE
if you are going to buy a boost, do it from thies guys very social and kinde people :)
Good run. Went very smoothly with no need to redo any and they all sounded like they were having fun doing it. Certainly recommend them if you are looking for a boost.
Yep, just bought a boost as well.
These guys are legit, trust me, the gold was well earned and it took a clean 2 hour and 15 mins.

Not to mention they were friendly and could not short of having a conversation while it lasted. Cheers, guys.

+1 thumbs
Smooth and quick boost with funny, nice guys. Had a lovely time with these people and would absolutely recommend them to everyone. Well worth it!
Also, can we clone these guys and fill the community with them? :D
Thanks ;3
I just did a run with these guys, everything went very well and very fast, the run took 2 hours.
Instructions from them were very clear and it all went smoothly, worth every gold coin.
I would recommend buying the boost from them anytime.
Awesome guys, fast boosting and a really chilled atmosphere on TS. Most professional experience you can get doing a run with these guys :)
Bought a boost from these guys, sub 2 hour run.

The boosting team were efficient and friendly, even after a few screw ups from me they kept their cool and carried on - I would HIGHLY recommend anyone looking for a boost to purchase from these guys!
Found them on Trade chat, really trust worthy fellas!

You just need to have 1 brain cell, they do everything else :)

Good job lads thanks for the help!
hello guys could i join challenge mode please i have added you on id Klitzy
Got these guys recommended to me by some friends and had a great time getting boosted and having a giggle.

Would happily recommend these guys to anyone looking to get CM's done before legion!
Smooth and fun run, good instructions, everything done in 1h 50 m. Recommending those guys, money well spent :)
Just done with an double carry, smooth and just under 2hours.
^ Went with Frolk, Very smooth and fast, just under two hours and probably the best moneys worth around if anyone is looking to get CMs done before Legion. 10/10 would recommend to anyone, flask value is real :P

Cheers! :)
Just got done with a double boost, was smooth and fast. Funny people :) Recommend these guys!
Good Boost! Quick and extremely easy. Was even allowed to go have a smoke break!
Easily one of the best experiences. These guys are super professional, runs were great, precise strats and stuff. Also just fun and had a great time. Very upbeat.

I highly recommend this!!!

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