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Creative Development wants to know what you want to know! Again!

The first "Ask CDev" was a resounding success, with well over 1000 unique questions across all the different regions. While we still have a few answers to post from the first round of questions, with Cataclysm's release we'd like to give people a chance to ask any questions the new expansion has generated! Once we have answers to the new questions, we'll post them alongside the answers to the unseen old answers as well.

As before, there are no restrictions on the subject of your question(s), but we request that you only ask one question per post. We'd also like to make use of the new forum technology by way of the rating system; when we tally all the questions, "Highly Rated" posts will be more likely to receive answers. As a result, it's better to click the "Like" button on a post with a question similar to your own rather than make a duplicate post!
when will we see the island of Pandaria?
What is the lore behind the Stonedrakes?
Will we ever see Argus in a future expansion?
Where are the extra dances that were so highly spoken of from Wotlk trailer.
That was my main reason for buying Wotlk :(
Will the Ashbringer Crystal origination ever be confirmed?
Why isn't Rexxar more involved in WoW?
What is the evolution tree of all the current races?
will The Shattering book ever come on English on the EU blizzstore?
For ages iv wanted some sort of "Taming" skill, so you can walk up to any creature and attempt to tame it and keep it as a non combat pet that will walk beside you on those long journeys and keep you company. is there any idea to to have something like this in the future..?

Will Sargeras, being pretty much the source of most evil happening in the small world of Azeroth, play an important role in WoW's future? (u kind of used up most lore encounters)
What are the ramifications of Al'Akir's (and come 4.1, Ragnaros'?) death to the air (fire) elemental society? Is it a permanent death *edit* since it took (will take) place in their very domains? Will there be succession conflicts? And would the eventual successor not simply continue his "father's" work for the Old Gods/Deathwing?

PS: I know, technically more than one question, but still all within one topic, right? *whistles*
Hello Developers.

I am kinda more curious about the future perspectives rather than current flow of events. I had ideas if Blizzard could create 3rd faction to mix up things a bit and if such things as Dual Class Specilization could be brought to life...sort of like two characters of the same race and faction can fuse into one character (a payed option of course)...or create a hero class for every class in the game. I mean tons of ideas to pursue, and to beck it up as a related to development questions, what could we possibly wait for in future expansions? We've seen titans, dragons, new lands, sea, space (Outland)...basically everyhting that can be drawn from the history of the game, you don't want to make another dragon aspect go wild, do you? :) I say create a 3rd faction, make it bad, but playable, throw Forsaken there, as they deserve a special spot, being on their own from Alliance and Horde. :)

Sorry for a long 'question'. Hope its interesting and related, if not, delete it, but do consider my ideas and thoughts. :) Thanks
What has been going on with the whole Stormrage stuck in the Emerald Dream and Fandral Staghelm ending up corrupted and imprisoned, as in what happened to free Malfurion and exactly what corrupted Staghelm and to what extent?
Can we get an update on what your guys think of hunters pve / pvp? are there any major changes you guys would like to add?
example, like with pvp and many hunters struggle once they hit 1500 rating, as damage isnt just enough to see them through. (taken from blue post.)

For me as a more pve player, i would like to see hunters being able to get more from their pets, along the lines of and updated eye of beast, where the hunter and pet become one. useable for traveling the world (flying as the flying pet) or situational in combat, less damage, more speed, escaping cc, sacrifceing for a heal, depending on summoned pet.

Have you guys considered anything along these lines or would you ? <3

Ps. loving cata. <3

Where is Turalyon and Alleria Windrunner ?
What about Alleria and Turalyon?

EDIT: Aight, seems like Unamithil was 25 seconds before me.
What happened to Koltira after Sylvanas sent him to Undercity; will we ever see him again?
Where lies the lore behind Night Elf Mages? And if Highbornes... weren't they blood elves?
Will there ever be a PVP Dungeon?
1) Maybe where Horde and Alliance enter at the same time and can make the encounters of the other more difficult or easier and if its easier they get less justice points if its harder they get more
2) Or 5 People enter a heroic instance and 1 from the other factions
and the 1 plays the bosses and the longer the party needs to bring him down the more justice points he gets and the party gets more points the faster they kill the boss
Definitly would solve the too many damage dealers in the instance waiting line :)
How exactly do draenei age? How old do they get? Are they immortal? We have Velen who lived since Argus and looks way old, then some guy in Bloodmyst who's done the same yet doesn't look old at all. Lore seems to be conflicting so some clarification would be nice.
When will you do something about rogues? Get a feeling that you don't like rogues at blizz.

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