Your favourite hat in the game!

Hi all,
There have been a lot of threads in the style of this one: favourite boss, favourite zone, favourite boss quote, and so on.
But in this thread, it's all about what you have on top of your head.

Personally, i think the cowboy shaped hats (in all colours) like the one my character is wearing at the moment are the best looking hats. They are not that epic with ornaments everywhere, but they just look cool. They make me think of Portuguese fishermen, or Van Helsing (if you don't know that movie, it's a guy that chases vampires and stuff).
<< this one :)
The Chef's hat :)
This Isn't TF2.
OP shows great taste. Pimp hat > all.

Generally we need more style and less muscle in this game. A fashion conscious player should naturally get higher gear score than one with inflated stats. If you still insist on slaughtering dragons in the most horrible way, at least do it in a well dressed manner.
Toshley's Station Hero's Hat is my all-time favorite :-) The colours are somewhere between hideous, clown'ish and just funny, and the shape is the best hat-shape in game (for my nelf, anyway)

Unfortunately, I doubt I can get it on my new horde chars... my goblin would have looked awesome in it!

Edit: Tried to link it, but couldn't find the item ID - where does one find that?
Fishing hat!

It fit paladin t10 really well.
That top hat that worgens can get. Glorious.
Burgy Blackheart's Handsome Hat

Who wouldn't want to be a giant Gnome pirate ghost?
27/01/2011 7:26 PMPosted by Jaeline
Fishing hat!

It fit paladin t10 really well.

That is indeed a nice hat, maybe I should become a fisher to get that hat for my collection...
Mirren's Drinking Hat
You can't go wrong with a free drink.
Don Carlos' Famous hat
Deadly and Reinforced Bio-Optic Killshades.
I love em.
What's keeping the mistress of hats ?
<-- this one for now

Other favorite is the petbattle hat , love the safari hunting style
Replica Shado-Pan Helmet
Only head item that would use for Transmogging, or even for showing at all.

I dislike he way head items "act". They remove your hair, or let your ears/tusks etc pierce thru in a rather stupid way.
You got long hair, yet your headitem removes it; not really nice in terms of looks for most races.

Edit: Damn, didn't notice the necro.

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