Your favourite hat in the game!

Have to admit, the Don Carlos hat is pretty epic. I also like all the different Stylin' hats, like the one I've transmogged into now.
Goggles! or Teemo Safari Hat.
27/01/2011 19:29Posted by Taharka
That top hat that worgens can get. Glorious.

I've always enjoyed this one Don Carlos' Famous Hat.
Here's a cool pic from wowhead.
I've always enjoyed this one Don Carlos' Famous Hat.
Here's a [url=""]cool pic[/url] from wowhead.

Had this. Think I still have this. Definitely the best hat in game... I wish I was a clothie.

Second best one though, Stylin' Crimson Hat that I am able to transmog. What a beast of a hat.
I just want the top hat =[
Or just a badass gangster hat. and suit...
just plain old 1920's gangster suit + hat.
Devs get on it!
No hat!

That's right! Most of the head slot items in the game look so freaking ridiculous that I just don't want to be seen wearing one of them.

Actually.. If I had the option, I'd turn absolutely everything off, I guess. I still got fur, right?
These here goggles, that's what!
Engineering googles, of course. Particularly the Deathblow X11.
Ahoy ye skurvy ridden grog sodden lily livered parrot lovin pox faced yellow bellied lice infested bilge rat landlubbers !!!
I still wait for the Top Hat.
The embersilk pvp gear crafted hats, they are pretty much the best looking hats for casters, with the exception of the circlets.
I have trouble choosing my favourite hat looks-wise.

But the concept of Discarded Bag of Entrails has kept me giggling since WotLK. I imagine a happy little undead noticing a particular sack in a pile of hazardous waste, grabbing it, inspecting its squishy, slimy insides for a moment... and then, grinning ear to ear, gleefully pulling it over his head with a loud SCHBLORRZZZ. As giblets and goo drip on his chest, he turns to face the raid and gives two thumbs up.
clearly the Don Carlos hat

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