Best of each class @ Frostmane

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mage: Riggy
warrior: Kyle
Whichever class Flexuz plays, he's the best at it. Yeah, I realize I fit the "name your friends!", but in my defense, only reason I befriended him was because he was awesome enough to carry me wherever I go.

Also, he's swe.
Mage: Cimsta
Priest: Fatfrank

Hunter: Nastyjerry

Worst !@#$ DK of all time: Enzity (En%^-*y)
paladin: baldblackman
hunter: feelsbadman
priest: reptilpriest
shaman: reptileshamy
warrior: reptile
warlock: reptilelock
mage: reptilemage
druid: markpeeters
dk: balddeadman
rogue: reptilmenner

Do note that not all of these characters are actually playing on Frostmane. Yet they're still the best of their class on it.
When did vivanda leave Frostmane ?
05/11/2011 01:03Posted by Blackstomper
Warlock: Nogilady/ranex
Warrior: robbo
Priest: robboftw
DK: razyo
Mage: Riggy
Hunter: Slappy
Shaman: Voodoogirl
Paladin: funkez
Rogue: jantsu
Druid: phena/ismaru

objectively still correct 3 years later.
Bringing it back from the dead :D
Is this post for people who need confirmation?
28/01/2011 16:54Posted by Hackerus
rogue: Vimtu

druid: Zennie

mage: Lexicat

for rest of the classes, no idea :P

Thanks! Hackerus! :x
*cough* *cough* did anyone say best mage?
Lexicat is a pleb. Always was, always will be. Keep fleeing duels to avoid loss pleb.

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