[A-RP] The Stromgarde Crown Legion

Argent Dawn
“We honor your memory, nephew, and your sacrifice. Since the founding of our glorious empire, the path to valor has always been drenched with the blood of heroes.”

–King Thoras Trollbane – engraved on Lord Danath’s statue in Stormwind’s Valley of Heroes.

What is the Stromgarde Crown Legion?

The Stromgarde Crown Legion is a collection of dedicated fighters, sworn to fight the enemies of the Alliance in the name of Stromgarde and its regent, Danath Trollbane. While primarily concerned with trying to reclaim the Arathi Highlands, the Crown Legion also occasionally focuses on assisting fellow Alliance companies and fight against the Horde, wherever they might be.

What will the in-game goals of the Crown Legion be?

The Crown Legion now fights to liberate the Highlands, including the city of Stromgarde itself in preparation for the return of Danath Trollbane who has since the death of Galen stepped up as the new regent of Stromgarde. In addition, the Crown Legion fights together with the rest of the Alliance to strike back at the Horde in the name of Stromgarde.

Where would the guild roleplaying be around?

The roleplay in the Crown Legion will be mainly centered around Stromgarde and the Arathi Highlands. New recruits will find themselves being trained in Stromgarde-occupied areas mostly, and will be sent around various areas afterwards to prove themselves. The guild itself may also depart to other zones following campaigns or operations. It is planned to organize rp-pvp events with Horde guilds hopefully in the near future.

How is the guild structured?

The Crown Legion follows a close structure similar to most Alliance military organizations, however still carrying their own unique touch to it. The ranks below are listed from lowest to highest.

  • Recruit
  • The initiates of the Crown Legion. Usually these are conscripted and trained to eventually become Crown Legionnaires. A recruit will have to pass a certain amount of training sessions before being eligible to advance further.

  • Legionnaire
  • These are the backbone of the Crown Legion. Legionnaires of the Crown Legion are hard-trained men and women who are dedicated to the cause of Stromgarde.

  • Sergeant
  • Legionnaires who has an aptitude for leadership is often promoted to sergeants. Sergeants are able to command a fireteam of three legionnaires.

  • Master Sergeant
  • The sergeants who truly prove themselves are promoted to Master Sergeants and now fully command the squad consisting of roughly six to eight legionnaires.

  • Knight
  • A legionnaire who has served long enough to be considered a veteran is often initiated to become a knight. Knights of Stromgarde have always been a great asset to the Stromgarde Army, and are fierce fighters.

  • Vanquisher
  • Becoming a vanquisher of Stromgarde is a Crown Legionnaire’s pinnacle. Vanquishers are respected as the greatest soldiers of the Crown Legion, with an undying commitment to the cause.

  • Lieutenant
  • Lieutenants keep control over the companies and provide oversight, assisting the other officers with managing the Crown Legion overall.

  • Captain
  • The Captain is the right hand of the Field Marshal and usually chosen of the finest soldiers. A Captain’s duty includes providing additional oversight as well as command the Crown Legion in battle.

  • Advisor
  • Although advisors may seem like a civilian, these few people are often highly trained and capable in fighting. Their main task however is to assist the Field Marshal and offer tactical assistance and other types of aid to the Field Marshal.

  • Field Marshal
  • The head of the Crown Legion. The Field Marshal is the supreme commander of the Crown Legion and decides where and how the Crown Legion operates.

What is required to join?

To join the Stromgarde Crown Legion, there is several things a player should be aware of before seeking us out, as we have a requirements that may seem harsh.

  • We desire dedication. What does this mean? It means we want people to join the guild and be active. We don’t want people to join and show up once a week for an hour.

  • We wish for players to have a fine standard of grammar. We don’t expect you to be the greatest roleplayer out there, but we would like you have a fair grasp of the English language and know the difference between IC and OOC.

  • We want people who can roleplay their characters as loyal. We don’t want to see someone joining the guild simply to refuse a command given by a superior officer because they “simply don’t like it”. This has happened before, and this behavior will result in a guild-kick.

  • Lastly, we want people to be respectful. Both in IC and OOC. Mostly in OOC, we want people to respect others, and try to make sure you don’t offend other players.

If you think you pass those requirements, the next step is to seek us out. This can be done by either contacting myself or Corrino via whispers (out of character) or sending either of us a letter (in character). If you have questions regarding the guild before joining, whispering us would likely be the best method. We will always require an in character method for you to join however.

Honor and Duty!
Oh, they're back?
Oh, they're back?

we'll be back

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Athirarn...Ninja Stromgarde much?
Yay! I always loved the Crown Legion for its concept around Arathi. Glad to see you guys back!
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'Reen love 'irdies if ye' ask'e.

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'Reen love 'irdies if ye' ask'e.


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Darolden promised

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