Anagrams your character names!

Argent Dawn
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Anagram your characters name!

Some examples:

'albert einstein'
anagrams to
'Ten elite brains.'

'osama bin laden'
anagrams to
'A damn alien S.O.B.'
'Whiz title wiser buzz.'
- Twizie Whizzleburst

'Unadroit ogre.'
-Duarg Irontoe
'Carlton Proeliator'
anagrams to...
'Patrol correlation.'
Taknar is awesome.

"So weaker stamina."

Nude picture of Taknar

"%%@# unfortunate @@**." <--- O_o
Taknar WTF is up with your picture? O.o
'Kaeriah Nasarian' goes to...

'An area in a rakish.'

^ Loving that pink dress <3
'Ugh! Brutal brink.'
Is Alku Brightburn, even though I don't play him anymore :3
'Garrosh hellscream'
anagrams to
'Slosh large charmer.'

'Malfurion Stormrage'
anagrams to
'Fair glamour monster.'

'Deathwing the destroyer'
anagrams to
'Greedy, rotten death wish.'

'bolvar fordragon'
anagrams to
'Bravo! Grand floor.'

'kael'thas Sunstrider'
anagrams to
'Retard snakiest lush.'
Methalec Shar'Tal:

'Health! Smart-alec.'

House of Shar'Tal:

'So foul heat rash.'
Geraldon Dragonfisk became "Godforsaken Darling" ... Made me laugh, I'll give it that.

Argani Surman becomes "Ruin Anagrams" ... Dear lord, I've ruined anagrams for everybody! :(
Valven Fireseal

anagrams to

Fever evil nasal.

'Sallien Harrow'
anagrams to
'Shallower rain.'

'Dame Sallien Harrow'
anagrams to
'I am a shallower nerd.'

Aerandul Nightwarden
'Raw, redundant healing.'

Xaei Runesilver
''Sexier, vain rule.''

Lady Xaei Runesilver
'Sexually rare divine.'

Steamshell Unit
anagrams to
Enthusiasm tell.

This I can find Steamshell in. However...

Falkireohan Tinkersmith
anagrams to
I'm the shark-like or infant

The last one is just mean :(
Edit: never leave your comp at school.
Verus McKilroy --> 'Mucky or silver.'
Archun Shadetree --> 'Headaches return.'
Aratus McCoyl --> 'Calm as outcry.'
Kirnun Whizzlefiz --> 'Frizz nunlike whiz.'

'Archmage Valven Fireseal'
anagrams to
'Face-saving marvel healer.'

George Bush turned into "O, he buggers!" lol.
Izziul Darkspear: Lark pizza due, sir!


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