How is Silvermoon

Hello all
I have been asked to join some friends on silvermoon to creat a guild.
Right now I don't know if I should transpher this toon or not so I thought I should ask here

What do you think about Silvermoon as a server.
Are the players here ok when it comes to PvP and PUGs?
How the mentality of most player (your personal experiance) is it friendly or more "/sigh dont't bother me noob im grinding!!"

Do you think one faction is more favoured than the other?

Do you think its worth tranphering to Silvermoon?

Thx for your answers
Shock on!
Hi Amund,
The ratio is very bad on this server in favour of the Alliance.
If you are looking for a well balanced server, this isnt the place for you im afraid.

Cant comment on the mentality of the Alliance players as ive always been Horde. Hopefully someone else will answer that question for you.

Good luck
PvP = horrible

Arena queues = 10 minutes

Population = 99% Alliance

Mentality = RP

Worth migrating? No, I'm already regretting it.
26/01/2011 3:22 PMPosted by Pornìa

Worth migrating? No, I'm already regretting it.

Feel free to leave, we will miss you!
29/01/2011 8:58 PMPosted by Niru

Worth migrating? No, I'm already regretting it.

Feel free to leave, we will miss you!

Oh gosh that was clever lol

3 month cooldown, sugarbuns
Initially, there was a 6 month cooldown between character transfers. In late February 2008, the cooldown was reduced to 1 month. In July 2009, the cooldown was reduced to 3 days.
Server is generally more PvE-raid competitive than most (If not all) servers so not as friendly as f example my old one (carebear Nordrassil). This is great if you are competitive and goal (raid) oriented, not as great if youre not.

If you prefer nice, go to a less competitive server.

Actually we're in need of nice people. Join us !
I'm in a similar position of considering to migrate to Silvermoon, and looking for a mature, friendly raiding guild that;

1) Has a required raiding schedule of 2-3 days/week
2) Doesn't raid Mondays
3) Has space for mellee dps

Any ideas?
It needs more serious PvPers, there was a good one but he quit recently.
25/07/2011 10:57Posted by Crackitycrac
It needs more serious PvPers, there was a good one but he quit recently.

Ask yourself: what sort of person would roll alliance on a server that is 98% alliance, pve, with no world pvp to speak of, and a Stormwind that is so crowded and so spammed that your screen is black and blue within seconds of entering it? And the lag...have fun with that.

If that appeals to you by all means roll alliance. My view is that it's overcrowded with weak players who like an easy life because they are basically talentless.

But then my main is horde, which, incidentally, is worth considering. That 2%? It's the best 2% on server.
I can feel the faction pride and singlemindedness oozing from every pore of Wuffles over here.

Is Silvermoon a good server to transfer to... alliance: No, it's too crowded and often lags in SW (sometimes Molten Front too) horde: Yes, if you like the challenge and have social skills other than saying "Hai guise" in guild chat.
For me I would stay away from slivermoon.

From all the pugs ive had, they have been BY far the worse bunch of people ive met, on my healer and on my mage.

PvE lfg is soo poor. Im not sure about PvP though.

After reading this post, this server for me is a no no.
1) Check the date on the first post

2) Now check who else posted in this thread

Your bell should start ringing already

3) Check the comment of Cracketycrack

Got it figured out yet?

Oh snap!

In short: there's no point in aswering the OP's question anymore.

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