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Hello fellow hunters!
I was wondering if there was a hunter BiS list somewhere on the internet. All I can find is a list for BiS gear pre-raids, but I need one that factors in raid gear as well.

Other than this just being very handy for every hunter who is in the position to acquire raid gear, we seem to be one of the only classes missing such a list.

I specifically need this list because of the following dilemma: it is now wednesday, I haven't killed Argaloth for the possible Tier 11 legs/gloves drop, but I will as soon as I can. My guild raids two nights a week and as I have 1710 Valor Points now, I will have 2200 VP after our next raid, which is tomorrow. The problem is that I do not know what to buy, as I already have an epic chestpiece (as you can see in the armory) but still have rare gloves and legs - but the gloves and legs can drop off Argaloth whereas the chestpiece can't. Seeing as I know I will be running BH every week because the VP is a nice bonus in any case, I'm pretty confident that the gloves and legs will drop at some point (though I'm aware that it might take ages) which would make it a waste to buy either of those now. But buying the set piece for either of those slots is more of an upgrade for me now considering I already have an ilvl 359 chestpiece. What do I do?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Don't expact loot in BH. You can calculate on loot from normal raids where droprates are 15-25%, but Argaloth tierloot is down below 2% since the loot is shared between tierloot, arena sets and offpieces/trinkets.

Buy the biggest potential upgrade that you can't easily aquire via normal raid drops, sometimes you'll get screwed over with new bosskills and lucky drops.

As for the BiS list, do the work yourself., search for each separate itemslot with the filters 'Mail' and '100+Agility' and itemlevel '359+' and voila you'll have the lego pieces you need to build your character.

Listening to others without understanding what they say = you'll very likely get screwed over. If you understand the theory behind it, you might just aswell put a BiS set together yourself.

Especially since you might not have access to the very top top loot, like Siniestra. So, a select few pieces will be downgraded, which in turn leads to hit, haste caps being remodeled and you might have to swap some items to balance stats anyway. My point is that unless you have access to every single BiS item ingame, this list won't do you much good.

Buy one of the argaloth pieces is my advice, raise your ilvl and in turn your stats and worry about perfect gearsets when you have the ability to choose.
Frostheim at is on with one at the min from what he was saying on the podcast on the weekend. He posted the trinket part the other day.
26/01/2011 11:56 AMPosted by Malgin
Frostheim at is on with one at the min from what he was saying on the podcast on the weekend. He posted the trinket part the other day.

Cool, thanks, I check WHU every couple of days but didn't know that he announced working on it. I was merely hoping that such a list/sheet already existed as I know for a fact that PvE rogues have a very fancy excel spreadsheet with all possible rogue items in there being ranked etc. It's just that I don't really have the time to make such a thing myself as I prefer to spend the time I have to play WoW actually playing WoW.

Anyways, thanks tons to both of you for thinking along - I suppose I'll just find me a BH group today and if no items drop I'll buy myself the legs after tomorrow's raid.
there's one by frostheim now on WHU

or well. it's on, but made by frostheim. anyways... it's there

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