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Hi there!

As the thread name states, I downloaded the Auction House application for android (from the android market, from the same developer that has the authenticator, Blizzard, that is).
I used it last night, checked my auctions, things worked fine.

When I woke up the following moring, my account was hacked. Right now, everything ingame is fixed and I was told that I probably have a keylogger on my computer.
I seached the computer now with malware/spyware and antivirus/internet security programs such as Kaspersky and spybot S&D, found nothing.

Later I was browsing through the comments on this perticular application, apperently more players has had their accounts hacked right after using this application.
I'm fully aware of that phones can have keyloggers aswell, but my phone is a brand new Nexus S that just met it's first internet connection, last night. So I highly doubt that is the case.

This is the android developer of Blizzard, is it not?

Released applications: Authenticator - Version 1.0.1 (The one I'm using right now, after being hacked. Works like a charm)
WoW Remote Auction House - Version 1.0.3 (The one I just threw out of the window)

What gives, Blizzard?
Hello Trafficlight

Any product released by Blizzard Entertainment will be free of trojans or viruses.

If you have lost control of your account, please contact us here:

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