The Good Guy's guide to creating a friendlier forum

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/salute you OP for it is people with your frame of mind i would rather group with for dungeons and raids then some of the people i do get grouped with who find it completely fine to mock me for one thing or another.

Well done and Thank you for taking time out of your RL and GL to write this


I do agree with some of the posters that the nice players and forum community is out there (mostly, it would appear, in this thread) but they keep quiet and out of the way to save from being slaughtered by insults when they ask a simple question when they genuinely need help
quition i dont can get a fligt master lichense is it a bug or what.
Well said I agree with this .. To me its all about Respect of other gamers .. But this should also carry across in game ..
totally agree with your post, i wish had enough friends to do do dungeons with rather than get put down for doing what you feel comfortable doin rather than have other players telling you what you should be casting and boosting. just cause level is a bit high doesnt mean dungeon exp. is.
First post seems like blaha if you excuse my german but what i want to forward to you is: be polite or curse your parents.
Another well done from me aswell!
how to make the forums friendlier. the character that shows when you post is the toon that the person has played the most in the last 3 months, or 6 weeks, or whatever. also, next to his avatar it shows the realm, without having to mouse over the name.

its really really really depressing coming on to these forums, and has been for well over a year
I've concluded that it's not worth making constructive posts because people just take it as an opportunity to trash you.

Sorry, but I stopped reading when I read "Educational".
Good post

Although you are rather naïve when it comes to trolls....the majority are in fact trolls.

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