Sandstone drake problems

OK, so I bought one then wondered... What happens if I use my Ironboot flask.
Yay. flying DORF!!!

But then I thought.... What if my passenger uses a potion of illusion to turn into a drake, then mounts me as a dwarf....
This just keeps getting weirder.

Then finally, a drake mounting a drake :D
One thing we didnt try was to get 2 people to use the potion to turn into a drake and both mount a 3 man mammouth, that should be cool.
a drake mounting a drake? i thought all drakes were male.... thank you for this very odd image i hoped never to see
In WoW, drake is a state of maturity, not gender.

Also ITT rich people bragging about their damn sandstone drakes.
Damn gold buyers..
First 2 picture is pure win
Well in dragon lore a drake is a male dragon, your typical flying attacking firebreathing dragon is female, oddly enough the female of most races are vicious, in humans their just mean, well so far seeing tv and people in my class : )
Well after further extensive testing I can confirm that:
-People transformed by the ilusion potion cant mount :(
-The blood elf disguise can also be used while transformed, and you become a flying belf.

I'm sure there are more things, but i've yet to come accross any. Let me know if you have any suggestions that you want me to try :)

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