Best race for rogue

Mostly depends on what you want.

PvP - Blood Elf for crit and energy boost.

PvE Raiding - Blood Elf for crit and energy boost.

PvE solo and exploring - Goblin because of rocket jump. Gets you into places other races can't go very easily. Exalted rep prices don't hurt either.

PvP - Drawf for stoneform or human for extra dps-trinket. Translates to Arenas = human, random and world pvp = dwarf.

PvE raiding - Night Elf for shadow meld (because of sub).

PvE solo and exploring - Dwarf for stoneform or Gnome for snare removal.
Did all of you forget undead? Since when are pretty boys rogues.
Panda are the best hands down !

Seriously i am the most handsome rogue out there, just look at all those mainstream undead rogue they are no match to me

Shadowmeld gives you a second Vanish. Passing out on that opportunity is dumb.
Blood elf for the horde pve
Night elf for allys
shadowmeld while in combat will take you out of combat, then stealth

use it all the time!
Night Elf Of Course
Manul, damn you must be bored to bump a necropost like that.
Only 1 post that says gnome. Cmon, you get 1% haste and 1 extra energy :D (very important) + you can remove even more snares (I love killing frost mages).
Two things

1- Don't necro threads!

2- Duh, Gnome.
I want to play a rogue in BFA but I don't know wich race (I don't like undead, worgen and blood elfs)
Escape Artist is underrated.

Might I add that realistically speaking Escape Artist will save you more offten than Stone Form. I use Escape Artist pretty much on cooldown (and it has a very short 1 min CD) to escape roots and snares that would lead to my death. Escape Artist + Sprint or Escape Artist + Shadow Step are very effective combos to "cheat death" or to catch flag carriers in BGs and RBGs.
The best race is the race you aren't going to get bored staring at whilst playing.
If I have to race change I would definitely pick gnome.
"The smaller the better"

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