Guess the IC title of above poster #7

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Astrophel the Chocolade Cranium
Alrisia the Sentinel.
Goongan, the Ebon Goon
Astrophel, bender of realitys
Lienyn, the blue blast.
Veteran Sipharion
Alyrisa the Stoic
Scoop Finder Fendi.
Ihriell the gallant blonde.
Seleucos the Conveniently Faceless.
Blood Squire Vinca

cause blood knights

you geddit

You almost got it right. There's some elegance in simple and straightforward titles, Raan the Mildly Amusing.
Adept Vinca
Arebell "Never Buys Her Own" Saker ...

... why would she when she can make the boys buy the drinks for her? >8O
Grave Robber Hanselm
The horns of a goat.
Daha - Part of exposition "Errors of the Old Ways". From Ogrimmar Museum of Modern History
Lantara, Devotee of the Goddess
Rataan, hand of the prophet.

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