So You Want To Learn To Raid?

I think it's a nice thing you're doing. I don't really see what it matters how the post is formatted as long as it's readable and easy to understand. Some forum posters on here are just so incredibly petty and negative at times. "Oh hey lets ignore the intent of this post entirely and pick on something totally minor and unimportant instead". I wish you luck with what you are doing OP. Ignore the mean spirited people that frequent these forums. It's a shame more players don't do things like this.
04/12/2015 15:58Posted by Házl

You have a question?
The idea is really nice and I was interested, but then I saw the part about Openraid. Having to check websites for raid dates / times / signups is one of the things that has been a turn off for me when it comes to raiding - and one of the things that made it feel less fun when I still actually raided.

I still promote the idea and the thought behind it, not many people are willing to do things like this or do raids with people who are new, inexperienced, don't have the best gear or can't commit to sitting at their computer all night.

Good luck to you Meirá and I hope you can help as many people as possible :)
04/12/2015 15:24Posted by Meirá
You shouldn't focus on something so minor as how I choose to edit, if you have a problem with people raiding than say it.

The fact you choose to attack me based on my editing proves you are nothing a miserable forum troll.

I didn't attack you in any way.
I think the idea is great, but when you choose to be a prick because someone criticises the form of your post, that's really poor.
Had you taken it as what it is - simple criticism of your post's form, not a personal attack - then it would have been a side notice in my post. Now, it was the other way round, just because of how you reacted to others telling you that.
And I think it's noticable that you didn't even notice what I wrote about the general idea. You're just too much into this "omg, they say something against me, they must be bad trolls".

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