looking for a guild for socially anxious/quiet people

Hi all :)

Well...haha as you can probably guess from the title im a little on the quiet side and actually have social anxiety, but i was hoping and its maybe a long shot :') if there was a guild for quiet people cos ive never joined one or explored the parts of the game guilds unlock, higher than lfr raiding, pvp etc and ive been playing the game since the end of MoP with no real progress or direction and ive been encouraged to ask in here for a guild? soooooo yeah if there are any guilds for quiet people out there? haha :')
Ninth Order is what you are looking for.
You should have a talk with Dekomori/NIbutani. He used to be in the same shoes as you, but then one day he was invited to a skype call with some very nice people and overcame his fears. Unfortunatly this did turn him into a proper !@#$. Now he spews nothing but bull%^-*, but I'm sure he'll gladly teach you his ways if only you ask him nicely
Haha how do I find this guy?
If you are indeed socially anxious, joining any guild that spams via tradechat seems like a bad idea. (those tend to be VERY active in term of guild chat + often have requirements you have to meet). I do not know any guild that could fit your requirements, but i do advise you to check on forum recruitment ( not only this site) instead of ingame recruitment

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