Home and World in Latency?

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I'm intrigued? What does the new latency bar mean?

73 ms (Home)
215 ms (World)
They split the latency meter into outgoing and incoming.

Home is incoming - or how much delay there is from the server to you.

World is outgoing - or how much delay there is from you to the server.

Hope that helps ^^
Home is the latency in your connection to the server, the World is the dyynamic latency of the area that your character is situated,so this value may appear higher when in a city. The value this represents isn't always accurate and isn't something we will be using for troubleshooting purposes the most important one is the home, which is the players overall latency.
Ah, makes sense. I've always thought that 200 ms to Paris sounds rather weird. I have to check out my ping to the stockholm servers :D
Hi there

I have 180ms home and 1300ms world...
180 is usual but 1300 is completely unplayable.

Any idea what/where the problem might be?

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