I payed 25 euro to change into a troll: because I expected blizzard to provide a quality product, as I am used to.

Now that ive seen the Batform, I am more than averagely disappointed.

Its half done.


What I like about it

* I think animators did an excellent job about its flying movement. It really does some swift turns. Looks very batlike.

* As for the animation itself. It looks awesome. No problems with its initial skin. I like it!!!

What I really dont like

* It doesnt have the ability to sit. Very unrealistic. Very lacking in design. Its just plain silly that the bat should hoover over the ground indefinately.

* No mount special. I mean come on. The first thing I did when i logged in for patch 4.06 was type /mountspecial. But not surprisingly, with all the other lacks of design there wasnt any. Im sad to say this. but after seeing the other changes, I can only say.. well ofcourse there wasnt.

* No sound-effect for batform. Just the bird screech. But since blizzard cant even change the annoying sound of the priest Chakra state. well sure.
How hard is it to change 1 sound file? just asking xd

*Too big. Covers the entire screen. I dont know if it is dsigned to look like a giant vampire lycanthropic bat. But surely no bats in nature are this huge. Its a batform, not a wartroll batriders pet. Scope the size a bit?

I spent money on a hustle bargain.

Give me a free tauren change.

Also while youre at it. isnt it time Tauren got a new skin? Its looking old. Are the programmers so occupied with animating landscapes that the player avatars come last priority?

Im sure if i worked for blizzard, I would show better understanding for the ways you do stuff.

It just feels like world of warcraft is riding on the abandonware wagon. As if you just put together Cataclysm for a few extra bobs in the cashier.
And if you gonna hustle me like that. Im just saying, im not a noob in real life with my money. I dont like being hustled.

Still really disappointed tho.
I named this thread Abandonware. As its pretty clear Activision-blizzard is responsible for this.

Co-CeO: sure but what about world of warcraft?
CeO: hmm. do something with it. but we wont be giving you alot of funds in that departement.
Co-Ceo: mmkay. ok lets get to work.

Now.. Dont get me wrong. I would love the idea that Blizzard is making a @*@!ing great Diablo 3.


Id also love the idea of being sure Diablo 3's next expainsion isnt %@@# too, cuz you got some new smart project.

Blizzard is known for only releasing games non-par-deadline making sure theyre top quality.
Dont step away from that developers. SErious....

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