Shadow Priest addon to track the Orbs ?

Is there some kind of addon that would display the Orbs buff graphic somewhere where i can see it? Like near cast bar or something?
I use a mod called Shadowtimers, it tracks the number of orbs, the stacks for archangel and your dots and notifies you by turning green when the best time is to recast the dot its pretty good
I use power auras, have an Orb count and timer displayed right next to my character.
18/02/2011 12:58 PMPosted by Tambra
I use power auras, have an Orb count and timer displayed right next to my character.

How do you set it up?

I've never used Power Auras and find it pretty complicated.
i am using elkanos buff bars.lets you set up different bar groups with player target or the target as target or the focus as target i have one bar set with my dots next to the target and another barset with emp shadows and shadow orbs close to it.
i might switch to raven allows you to do the same and also has cooldown timers.using both atm, might just scrap elkanos, its nice for now though.
I'm using Rogue Power Bars (Ironic, yes, initially it was a Rogue Addon) that can track any buffs you recieve, buffs placed on targets/yourself as well as debuffs.

You basically add whatever buff/debuff you want monitored and can configure barsets so it's very customizable albeit slow to setup as you need to manually add any/all buffs/debuffs that aren't Rogue based but ultimately I have my buff-barset on the left (Also tracks Shadow Orbs and how many you have) and Debuffs (DoT's, Silences, CC etc) on the Right.

It's probably not optimal but it does the job and really suits my general UI style and look.
Visual example. I have them to the left & right of my cast-bars - Granted I added a bit too much to the list but I don't mind that. Can track evengalism stacks, shadow orb stacks etc etc

You can add/remove whatever buff/debuff you like (also shows up for things on your Focus Target), can colour the bar whatever colour you prefer, shrink/grow the bars, throw on whatever Font/Bar Texture you like, move them where you like and can have any number of barsets you want.

Again, not optimal but it's easy to use, customizable and I find it does a lot of jobs at once as just one addon rather than having individual addons for each task.
yeah, roguepowerbars i used to use also, somehow it didnt update to my priest stuff in cata.elkano/raven is kinda similar.
Works perfectly fine for me and as long as that is the case I will continue to use it - It's great to have customizable barsets and being able to colour & set priority of what you want to watch for (Of which is totally up to the user)
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I use power auras, have an Orb count and timer displayed right next to my character.

How do you set it up?

I've never used Power Auras and find it pretty complicated.

I also use Power Auras, it's a fantastic mod. It's not nearly as complicated as it seems, there's a really good guide at
I use Shadowtimers (i think thats the name):

Shows big Icons for VT, SW:P, DP, Orbs, Empowered Shadows and Martyrdom with timers, they even change their color when running out (or when you have 3 Orbs). Helps me a ton.
Was about to post that exact link.

Best thing I can recommend is pick something easy, so no timer, either on or off, VE is a good one now, not needed but good to practice and from there, just look through the other option bars and add stuff as you're learning.

Once you've got the basics the rest is easy and the descriptions make sense.

I have all my procs up on it now, so when my screen is full I know I have to refresh my DoTs :)

EDIT: I find it helps to stand in front of a target dummy, nuke it and wait for things to pop up, then hover over them and write down the spell/proc/buff name as they appear.

Power Auras.
As soon as I get an orb it gives me a nice icon / picture / text (really, what ever you prefer) of my chosing. As soon as I use it, the buff is gone and so is the icon.
It's really helpful when getting debuffs / trinket procs aswell.
Power Auras is excellent. It's got so many features that I don't know how I managed to play pre-wotlk without it.
if you use the Power Auras addons do the following steps

1) on chat type /powa
2) a new window will open
3) Press the "Import" button
4) a new window will open on the middle of your screen
5) Paste the codes I will give you from below
6) Hit Accept
7) You can edit anything you want like position by selecting the new icon and pressing Edit button. I have place them on the middle of my screen just above the casting bars

Shadow orb counting to 3

Version:4.12; icon:spell_priest_shadoworbs; buffname:Shadow orb; x:-20; groupany:false; alpha:1; owntex:true; spec2:false; size:0.18; y:-225; texmode:2; stacks.enabled:true; stacks.b:0.7882; stacks.g:0.9333; stacks.y:-223; stacks.x:-21; stacks.Transparent:true; stacks.UpdatePing:true; stacks.h:2.04

Empowered shadow with timer till expiration

Version:4.12; icon:inv_chaos_orb; buffname:empowered Shadow; x:40; groupany:false; alpha:1; owntex:true; exact:true; spec2:false; size:0.18; y:-225; texmode:2; timer.h:1.17; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.y:-229; timer.x:40

for more info you can ask me here if u want

Edit: Empowred Shadow was wrong import and fixed sorry about that
Something like this

powa auras

check the middle of the screen - watch HD / full screen
where did you find this addon? It's not on cursed, and do you still use it?
holy mother of necro's, the original post is from 2011!

I believe PowerAura's was discontinued a long time ago. A replacement for it would be WeakAuras 2

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