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When most travelers visit Ironforge they are surprised by the activity in the city. Dwarves work tirelessly around the Great Forge, numerous artisans practice their craft in the Commons, the elite Ironforge Guard trains and drills the future warriors of the kingdom and the stout folk venerates the Titans in the Temple. But there is another interesting place in Ironforge and that is the Library. Located in the Hall of Explorers this vast vault of lore is a true testament to the dwarven race. Here are collected tomes so aincent that barely someone knows the words of power to open them, scrolls of magic, history and technology fill the shelves of the vast halls and wizened masters of arcane and divine teach the young generations the secrets of the Art.

With the inclusion od the Dark Iron dwarves in the politics of Ironforge the Senate had to take a difficult decision, continue with the prohibition of the practice of the Art, advance the bill of exile for the numerous mages and conjurers from the halls of Ironforge or descend in the chaos which ensues when there are too many arcanists present and even more people willing to learn the art of magic. It resulted that the decision taken was another, the Senate has pronounced the edict to establish the Library of Ironforge, an institute dedicated to the research of arcane, divine and elemental magic soon devised as the head institution for technological development as well as the main body of research and archaeology of the Explorer's League.

In the months following the edict the Royal Treasury of Ironforge has financed numerous investments. Alchemical laboratories, libraries of magic tomes, prachment and ink for the scrolls, robes, wands and other arcane regalia, telescopes, steam engines and similar marvels of technology, all this was financed by the people of Ironforge and the most illustrious docents of history, arcane sciences, engineering and theology were gathered and given commission to create the first class of magic studies in the history of Ironforge. The result was a total success, hundreds of young dwarves applied to the classes organized by the Library and experts form the Explorer's League, Kirin Tor, Earthen Ring and Cenarion Circle were included in the studies as well. From what started as a measure to restrict and control the practice of arcane magic soon was transformed into the very first university of Ironforge, an institute tasked with the mission to cultivate the brilliant young dwarven minds into powerful sages and practitioners of magic.


Under the guidance of the greatest dwarven mages the Library of Ironforge became the center of arcane studies for the stout folk. Here apprentices learn the rudiments of arcane magic, the rules of conjuration and the first words of power. The study includes notions of history, elven techniques of meditation, the numerous schools of magic and the summoning and binding rituals, but also classes on diplomacy and philosophy as well as combat practice with the Ironforge Guard. The dwarves expect from their arcanists to be stoic and honorable as their warriors but also wise and dedicated as the revered sages and loremasters that they are.

The Arcane Library has very strict rules on the use of magic, rules that elven and human, but also gnome mages find very restrictive but to the dwarves they represent the very basic foundations of the arcane. The rules are written in ancient dwarven runes on the shrine of Norgannon and are the following:

-Those who master the arcane master the reality. Such mastery requires discipline and restraint. Do not use magic unless it is needed. To abuse the Art is to abuse the gift of the Titans.

-Wield magic as you would wield a weapon. Train to use it, keep it always sharp and use wisdom whenever you wield it but also remember that the sharpest weapons are the ones that are hidden.

-The arcane corrupts, taints and weakens but with diligent study, a benevolent heart and an open mind you shall resist its lure and counter its corruption.

-Venture in the world, seek knowledge and when your eyes are opened return under the mountains to share with your people the things that you have learned. Seek knowledge and divulge knowledge, that is the will of Norgannon.

-There are many ways of the arcane, some tread in the light while other in shadow, some are benevolent, other harmful. Let your heart decide which path you will take but be warned that while the choice is yours others may also feel its effects.

-Know the Titans and know their work. Dream of them and study from them. Seek their wisdom and seek their teachings, only in that way you can understand your gift and your responsabilities as a dwarf and as an arcanist.

The rules teach restraint, discipline and wisdom and while other races don't understand them the dwarves apply them in their studies. The rules are enforced by a Tribunal of Sages which examines every dwarf practitioner of the Art and has the power to punish anyone who has not followed the teachings of the Titans and has misused magic. The penalty for the misuse of magic can be the expulsion from the Library, exile from Ironforge or even death for the most hideous acts of dark magic. Unlike in elven, gnome and human societies in the dwarven one the arcanists are constantly kept under scrutiny, the devotion to Norgannon is expected and sometimes even enforced.


The Library maintains a vast archive of history, technology, arcane and fel magic, elven rituals, divine prayers and also alchemy and enchanting scrolls which are copied and studied under the watchful eye of the Librarians, elder arcanists who are trusted by the Temple for their wisdom and knowledge. To join the Library the future apprentice has to donate a scroll of magic to the Temple, pass the interrogation of the Tribunal of Sages and immerse himself in a daylong meditation under the Shrine of Norgannon. If the candidate is considered worthy he is given the apprentice robe and can start to study in one of the numerous classes. As years pass the apprentice has to prove himself in numerous exams which test his skill in elemental magic, the knowledge of the arcane, his ability with wands and staves, his mastery over the summoning rituals and other similar tests.

The last and the most important test is the Test of Faith. The student is taken to a secret chamber where he has to face the corruption of fel magic. Usually the students are attacked with curses and minor demons and have to fight to keep their sanity and soul unscarred and pure. This test has the goal to purge any doubts on the corruption of arcane magic, to show to the applicant the dangers of demons and to prove why the teachings of Norgannon are so important to observe. Only the apprentices who pass the test are allowed to access to the Arcane Vault where scrolls of powerful magic are hidden. The majority of the students now mages prefer to continue in their path to become wizards and conjurers but some of them take the lessons of the Test of Faith to their heart and venture forth to became warlocks who hide their vocation and maybe even tread the path of the Shadow's Hammer.

The Library is headed by the Head Librarian who is usually a mage of great experience and functions as the elder in the Tribunal of Sages as well as the head of the Arcane Library.

The Librarians are elder mages who are allowed to practice their craft and have the knowledge and the wisdom needed to teach the young apprentices the intricate rituals of arcane magic.

The Tribunal of Sages is composed by a Norgannon Devotee, a Khaz'Goroth Devotee, a paladin of Agrammar, a Golganeth Devotee, two Librarians and a member of the Explorer's League. If the Tribunal faces cases of nature or elemental magic a shaman or a druid could be invited to the sessions. The Tribunal is headed by the Head Librarian and has the authority over the practitioners of arcane magic.

All the dwarves who practice and study arcane magic and have not yet passed the Test of Faith are considered Apprentices. The Apprentices have to copy scrolls and spell books, attend to classes, practice several hours a day their spells and are not allowed to use magic unless a Librarian is with them. Sometimes several Apprentices are taken on patrol and training with the Ironforge Guard so they learn how to fight as an unit and better understand the application of arcane magic in combat.

The Library accepts only arcanists and scholars, but sometimes even priests study the lessons on the arcane.

Mage: The dwarves have a long lifespan and thus they have more time to study and practice the arcane than other, younger races. A dwarf mage is stoic, focused and very disciplined. Due to their ties with the Titans, dwarves favor elemental and arcane magic and prefer spells like frostbolt, counterspell and other defensive tactics. The dwarven mages are known for their vast libraries of spell books and their great skill in the enchanting of weapons and armor which are favored by the artisans of Ironforge.

Warlock: Dwarves have few arcanists but even less warlocks. Unlike their human, gnome and elven counterparts the dwarven warlocks are not lured by power but with hidden formulas, summoning rituals and especially soul magic. The dwarves who practice fel magic usually present themselves as simple arcanists, few people know of their dark vocation, but there are rumors that some high profile members of the Library are warlocks themselves and if this proves to be the case, the Library will face severe investigations and maybe even the visit of a Temple Inquisitor. In the vast halls of the Library some apprentices whisper that should someone answer the riddle form an old magic tome titled The Saga of Grelda Brimstone about a Truename of a lord of dread they might even recive a visit from a mentor who can teach something....more interesting than even the arcane magic.


Those who wish to become apprentices have to be examined by the Tribunal and have to present a scroll of magic ( Inscription scrolls ). An apprentice wears a Brown Linen Robe
to denote his rank.

The Librarians are mages and warlocks who have mastered the arcane and have passed the Test of Faith. Librarians shall wear the Gilnean Apprentice Robe during ceremonies and classes. They can wear other robes during other occasions.

The Head Librarian is the most experienced mage and wears a personalized violet robe which denotes his ties with the Kirin Tor.

The current Head Librarian is Namli Runefist from the Runefist Clan.

The Library functions as an university of arcane. Due to the dangerous subject of study the dwarven arcanists are always accompanied by priests and paladins and by the members of the Guard. The lessons take place in the Library in the Hall of Explorers.

Now onto the staff required:

: Mages and warlocks who like to have apprentices and have fun ideas on how to roleplay a wizard. Arcanist are mostly eccentric folk so dwarves known for this should step forwad.

Apprentices: Beardlings who crave the power of the Titans but are barely able to light a candle with magic. The Library is a good spot for some group roleplay and we all know what happens when there are too many wannabe mages around. The apprentices practice their spells, copy ancient spellbooks, learn from elder mages and usually compete among themselves.

To be an arcanist in Ironforge is to wear a social stigma, prepare to be checked and double checked by the Guard and the Temple.


The Arcane Library of Ironforge is a sub-division of The Three Hammers. A Dwarf only RP guild based on Defias-Brotherhood Realm.
Here is the link of our Recruitment thread: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/927077116

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