Fury or arms for PvP?

Hi ppl on our forum. Ill like to hear about Arms or Fury for BGS and Arena. Since the new Patch 4.0.6 havent i realy known what spec witch will be best (:

Colossusmash [item="recklessness" /] - [item="death wish" /] Glyph of Death wish [item="ragning blow" /] Glyph of ragning blow, when you use that you get like NUUUKE in Call of duty modern wafare, ppl in Bgs / Duels event wont figth you but your can reset your intercept. So im pretty sure on Fury for Duels and Bgs, but not 100%

Mortal strike - HC strike Overpower, great setup. But your charges is like 15 secounds couldown... But you got heroic leap witch just SUCK you cant go Heroic leap, stun them for 2 secounds and then use Hamsting.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So Wich will be best (: please answer.
Why don't you just try for yourself?

And in my opinion, I'd say both of them are kind of broken specs atm. Still, if you want some pretty insane burst, healing and excelent mobility, but don't mind to get your burst denied if someone dispells your enrage effects, fury all the way. If you want a more reliable and sustained burst, a very powerful stun but don't care about healing and better mobility, go arms.

I prefer fury
Im sticking to arms, seems more viable in arena and bg.
I do better with Fury.
Been fury since before they "buffed" it.

The damage out of Deathwish/Recklessness has been improved some, but its still very random as you need CS, enrage and crits to do any real damage.

But every 4 minutes you turn into a frenzied maniac that stands still in a root, cc or disarm looking pissed off at the people youre trying to kill.

Also its close to impossible to kill rogues now :(

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