Funny names and titles combinations.

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How many Draenei name changes will be going through after reading this. Apart from my DK that is.
towndrunk of orgrimmar ( : could work for any city i suppose : )
Ray of the Shattered sun
Shard of the Shattered sun
Breaker of the Shattered sun
Right Hand of A'dal
Left Hand of A'dal
Lift of the Undercity
Elder Scrolls
Professor Layton
best on ive seen is a gnome going around called

Salty Peanuts
Pelder the Elder..

It rhymes..

Yeah i dunno :/
Defeated Champion of ------- ?
Cowardly Defender of a Shattered World
Deserter of the Alliance
Formerly of the Horde
One of the Four Winds
Crusader Aura <3
King of Stormwind
Warchief of Orgrimmar
Betrayer of the Ashen Verdict
Killing the Immortal
Defeating the Flawless Victor

Gaah, I suck at this. Professor Putricide was defo the best one though!
Salty Beaver ;d
Bico the Necroer.

Hm, is that even a title ?

You know what, never mind. :D
Alliance of the Horde
Overshadowed the Light of Dawn
Pathetic Defender of a Shattered World
Lost Hand of A'dal
Failed Champion of the Naruu
Burning the Noble
Dust of the Ashen Verdict
Matron Patron
Patron Matron
Killed the Argent Champion
Lost the Patient
Day of the Nightfall
Kingslayer Peasant (King, slay a peasant ^_^)

All I could think of :(
Instead of necromancing a thread which was already necromanced 4 months ago, might I advise posting in the much less ancient ?


Horde Hero of the Alliance
It wasn't me!
Associate Professor Evil
I knew a guy called First, so First of the Four Winds.
ok here is a few

private - dancer
brewmaster - drunk
chef - wiggam
ironman - avenger of hyjal
fartman - of the four winds
scout - man
making myself a mage atm with name Dora the explorer
<--- I would have The Patient title but I'm too lazy to PvE :(
Battlemaster Bator

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