Which races for Dk and Priest ?

Good evening ,

Just wanna know which races are good to play dk and priest ? In any faction
give me reason too plz
Depends what aspect of the game you play

PVP - Human for both

PVE - Draenei,Worgen or Blood Elf.

Reason: racials.
23/12/2015 21:35Posted by Antenora
PVP - Human for both

Why would anyone pick a human priest over a dwarf priest, if the racial is so important to that person?
23/12/2015 21:08Posted by Uytr
Good evening ,

Just wanna know which races are good to play dk and priest ? In any faction
give me reason too plz

Aaaaaaaaaaaalright, I'll give my favorites, first. or a list from what i like the most, to my second third forth favorite... etc

So for me, PERSONALLY i'd say go Orc Dk, Orc female if you want to be more unique looking,

Why Orc you say? well because they got pet passive, stun passive, and enrage, but this is if you are planing to play Unholy DeathKnight.

Other good Dk race that i like is Undead, then tauren, undead for frost, and tauren for blood

for alliance, just go human DK

for priests>

i hate priests... but still... i'd say if you want to raid go Troll priest, for horde, and Draenei priest for alliance
draenei also have wicked cool animations, and my first and only priest i made back in wrath is a draenei, she is currently human now though for pvp, but she is still 85, and i haven't tocuhed her since early cata

As for a nother good priest apart from draenei and human, go Night elf, they make good priests lore wise,

and for horde ( since i gave only one option) the other 2 would be undead if your going shadow, and they look sick, and or bloodelf male or female they have nice cast animations too!

Priest - I like dwarf as a concept, and Draenei is kinda nice. the rest is too bland imo.

DK - I dunno I guess the same with exception that instead of space goat pick worgen? I just don't think that Alliance has as much nice choice on this matter.

Horde :

- orc is very nice, but if you really want to stand out pick troll xD That is very rare combo and I already saw some sweet mogs for them.

Priest: Undead or troll becuase of cool factor. I also like goblin.
Gnomes and Goblins make good healers as in the din of battle they tend to get overlooked. Also, downing foes (especially as a female Gnome) can lead to uncontrollable outbursts of hate in your opponent, leading to game-losing tunneling.

How things fare for the Big Blizzard-admitted Mistake, or Raiding I dunno, frankly by the point that Racials actually make you win or lose you're already beyond asking this question on the WoW Forum (to put it bluntly).

Frankly just pick a race that appeals to you, if you end up with a character you can't stand the sight off all the sligth bonusses in the world won't make up for it.
If you can be a humna, pick human.

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