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a video about harassment in wow a social player have received for over 3 years / several months.
Everything we say to you you consider harrasment.
Just watching your video, your video would be like 2 minutes if you remove all the jokes and the comments about you to stop spamming. You have to understand that spamming your macro in trade chat is annoying.

You consider jokes like
"What I don't get is. Who is DPS? is it a guild? you're not in a guild called DPS, is it a secret society? where do i sign up to help others? so many questions"
like harrashment. If you consider all of these type of comment harrasment then I'm sorry to say but it's not. Grow a damn backbone. This is why people dislike you, because everything we say, you feel sorry for yourself and call it harrasment. There is even some banter between two other guys and you consider that harrasment to you. Holy !@#$. I can't stand it.
You honestly need to stop feeling sorry for yourself and stop spamming your macro.

Edit: You might want to block out the names. So you won't get banned, altough it wouldn't mind me.
I took myself time to watch your entire video and the only thing i have to say is that maybe you should consider this.

You claim to have blocked +500 people.
Have you ever stopped to consider that maybe, just maybe, you are the problem?
Like... "nah nah obviously it's the 500 people who are wrong. Why would 1 vs 500 be wrong."
You need to sit down and consider this. Seriously.
Wanted to see the autism, why did you remove it?

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