11 Year Old Guild LF Mythic Raiders

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**Seren** of Draenor are looking for players of all shapes and sizes to join us for Battle for Azeroth.

If you're looking for a longterm stable guild, we have you covered. Seren was created in January 2007 and has kept going strong ever since.

**Notable Legion Milestones;**

Cutting Edge in first tier as a Mythic team.
Top 1000 kill of Mythic Garothi Worldbreaker.

**Raid Times;**

Monday & Thursday

20:30 - 23:30 Server Time

**Current Recruitment Needs;**

Looking for skilled DPS.

Looking for strong applicants to challenge our current roster.

Our main focus is on recruiting skilled players who are willing to put in the effort required to be part of a successful raid team. This also requires you to have the correct mindset and attitude to fit into the social aspect of the guild.

**What We Can Offer You:**

- A stable guild which has lasted 11 years and counting.
- A guild where everyone is treated with respect and is allowed to have a voice within the raid.
- A friendly group of players who know how to balance having fun with progression.
- A new group of friends to socialise with, whether it be within WoW or playing other games together.

**What We Expect In Return:**

- A player who will be prepared to the best of their ability for raids, with both knowledge of the fights and proper consumables.
- Someone with the drive to perform to the best of their ability.
- Players who are looking for a new home and new friends to keep well into the future.
- Someone who understands the fine balance between having fun and the focus required for clean progression.

If Seren seems like the right guild for you, please don't hesitate to fill out an application at [url]http://www.guilded.gg/r/AdQR4mQ6rl[/url]

If you have further questions feel free to contact any of our Officers, either ingame or through the following BattleTags;

Raid Leader - Dei#21784
Officer - Juiceyo#2205
Officer - TDawg#2431

**We wish you the best of luck with your guild search.**`
Looking for DPS and a mistweaver/resto shaman to add to our roster to head into Mythics!
Looking for a new home? Come chat to one of us :)
Ranged DPS preferred (though we're good for hunters right now) - willing to look at ret pallies and potentially other melee
Currently very interested in the following;

Retribution Paladin
Unholy Death Knight
Fury/Arms Warrior

Also open to applications from all other classes.
Would also like a Mistweaver or Resto Shaman with DPS off spec
Still looking for those extra players!

Currently clearing 13/13H each week and looking for DPS!
Cleared 13/13HC in one raid night with time to spare :)

WTB more people :)
Still interested in some more DPS and a Mistweaver/Resto Shaman.

Currently clearing heroic in about two hours, come join us to progress mythic!
Updated OP with new Info for the run up to Legion.

My name is Gustav a guy on 20y/o from sweden that is looking for a new stabel raidinghome because my guild just disbanned bcause of reallife stuff. Im a social player with earlier mythic/hc exp. im currently 13/13hc, 2/13 mythic i play a Main protection paladin with offspecs holy and retri which i have gear for and can play as good i would say! :-)

Really intressted of your guild if there is a spot open for either tank,dps or heal!

Greetings from Sweden!
Hi there :)

we are full on main spec tank I'm afraid but could potentially have space for DPS with heals offspec :)

If you are interested please fill in an application on our website :)
want to see more people ^^
Still looking for more raiders and socials!
Updated main post.

We are no longer recruiting Havoc Demon Hunter or Restoration Druid.

Very interested in Holy Priest, Holy Paladin and skilled DPS.
OP updated.

We are no longer looking for Havoc Demon Hunter or any Shaman spec.
Op updated, recruitment now closed for multiple classes.

Very interested in Holy Paladin!

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