[H][4/11M] Decade Old Guild LFM

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Open to all strong DPS applications.

Interested in Shaman/Priest/Monk healer.
Still looking for strong DPS with an emphasis on Ranged.
Mythic Goroth dead.

WTB more Ranged.
Still looking for strong DPS with a preference for ranged!
Mythic Harjatan + Demonic Inquisition dead!

Still looking for solid ranged DPS.
Looking for strong DPS applications with an emphasis on Rogue.

Current progression is 4/9M with 3% wipe within 12 pulls on Desolate Host.
BM Hunter and Fire Mage here looking for a long-term home. We are recent transfers from (A) Silvermoon. Gone back to Horde.

Current Progress - ToS 5/9 M

We have a couple of hours on Mistress as well, so we've gotten pretty good at dealing with the puffer fish :)

Misdirecting - Draenor (previous name Vitalblow - Silvermoon)
940 (933 equipped) Beast Master/MM Hunter, previous tier 7/10 NH (M)

Myka - Draenor (previous name Voonda - Silvermoon)
943 (935 equipped) Fire Mage, previous experience 7/7 EN (M) Cutting Edge 3/3 ToV (hc) 7/10 NH (M)

Links to logs and other pertinent information below.


If you're interested, hit me up on btag or discord. Otherwise, best of luck in your search!

- Leah
btag: kyllandra#2625
Discord: Leah(Myka)#5136
already done application, but got trial in another guild.
thank you for time.
OP updated
Mistress dead.

Open to strong DPS applications.
Mythic Garothi Worldbreaker down.

Interested in strong DPS players and a Mistweaver.

We'll soon be celebrating our 11th birthday, still going strong!

Interested in strong DPS players to continue into Mythic progression.

Currently 4/11.
Recruitment is open for 1 x mainspec tank.

All classes considered.

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