Describe the above poster in 5 words or less (Part 2)

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cursed with 2 curses
Has trouble finding fitting hats.
31/07/2016 10:58Posted by Rocmar
Has trouble finding fitting hats.

Wishes he was a wolf

29/07/2016 22:27Posted by Goongan
fat panda who knows Kung-fu

Oh no, I know munch-fu! Bring it on!
Who snoo-snooed a bear?
My not fluffy darling
That Hunter with THAT Tabard
Hopefully not an Eredar.
A blacksmith mage?
Dressed rather simple.
An Orc with one hand.
Secretly a Legion Sin'dorei?
Somehow death and somehow alive.
Two moons on her body.

Bad outfit, bad humor, great.
Fat and hairy, blue faction
Zealot of the dead warchief.
Loyal archer, best archer.
Probably corrupted?
Seems like a normal human.
Has zero to none expressions.

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