[H] <NoM> Boosting service: Gul'dan mount, Antorus HC

Twisting Nether
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Very professional, friendly and efficient boosters!

Communication is very friendly and the price is much lower than any other prices that were offered to me by other boosters which is what it all comes down to.

Definitely recommend these guys!
they are very professional , i did a reserve a few days ago , but got some troubles to pay my subscription , so i had to cancel the rush , they gave me back the money that i gave them to reserve my spot , i wish i could buy a real rush someday in the future.
Spots for next reset - 6/4-12/4:

HFC Mythic:
Full run: Any class

HFC Heroic:
Full run: Any class
I just did a HFC HC run and was amazing! this guys are great , nice ppl , good loots , and super fast! 100% recomended!
Just did a run with them, was fun and fast only problems were on my end, lots of loot for my warrior (me and and the rogues luck was unreal) Would recommend for anyone looking for a boost.
Fast and Smooth run they are really doing great job Thank you guys !
Very nice and smooth Blackhand mythic kill ! a perfect 5/7 ;)

Almost a waste of time watching 25mins of Fatboss guide ;P
Very nice service fast and smooth ! 10/10 ;D

Recommend these guys ! :D

Thx for run guys !
I just got my Blackhand kill with mount loot the run was perfect, very skilled players and my overall opinion is that you should chose them over any other boosters, keeping in mind that they have also got the best prices!
Thanks a lot guys for the kill again!
I just tried these guys out for a mythic clear.

They are awesome to run with, and a very serious guild that have good knowledge and experience. I do recommend them.
lovely skadas for each dps and hps :)
smooth run, clear kill, cute bh mount for a fair price.
would suggest them definitely.
Awesome Boost Run awesome team! :)
Update: We have now started to sell the mount!
HI there can you message me ive been trying to add you me i cant seem to get hold of you i would like to buy a boost on my pally please
hi there, ive added the guys on the post what time do yous normally get on? and is it UK time? just so i can ask for prices and stuff thats all before yous do the raid today :L?
dont wana be left out :L
Now open again! Offering you full clear on Emerald Nightmare HC - Personal Loot.

Mythic Emerald Nightmare will be open for purchase in a near future, so will Heroic and mythic Trial of Valor

We are now opening our business for boosting once again! This time the mission is Antorus Heroic and beyond!

Contact us for more info about pricing and the like.

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