I was just in the best AV ever

I would just like to share this story with everyone just because it was so great and was the most fun i have had in the game for a while.

Well it started off as any AV should alliance saying what they would spend their honor points on due to AV being so easy for alliance and basically a free win most of the time ;). As we ran to Galvangar someone yelled in chat "Russians run to the towers" I watched as countless people not reading chat were just destroyed by a wave of aoe spells i quickly ran left towards ice blood tower narrowly avoiding a death knights grip. Eventually after we stayed at ice blood the horde came back around and gave all of us in the towers a deadly blow. Then we all rez at Stone Hearth getting ready to be camped but then something strange happened they let us take all the towers up to the last 2 they ran into drek and we took all the towers there was one min on the towers left there was about 20 of us in each tower not knowing if death would be coming at any second i was in the west waiting people were typing to each other "we make our stand here" we finally got west so they were very low on reinforcements but as soon as the gy outside was capped they came out and killed us to rez at gy and be camped ( I know this is what mainly the russisan premades do in AV but after this bit is where it gets really well fun and cool well for me anyway :D) after about 30 seconds of people not speaking in chat just getting camped and camped suddenly someone put in chat "FLEE TO THE MOUNTAINS THEY ARE ONLY HOPE" and suddenly 35 people ran up (5 people not paying attention or just didnt care stayed and got camped) to the north of AV all in one group (as ghosts) ran up to stormpike. We had come up with a plan that all the stealth's rogues druids etc would run down to drek as all non stealth's would rez at stormpike and try and someone how fight off the horde coming north. We finally rezed and a rogue had called out that the whole of there group was coming north this was our time to finally win (at time this time we had been in the bg 40 min running the horde around AV rezzing at different graveyards trying to bait them out so alot of people were getting restless) and we stood there 20 of us non stealth's on the bridge waiting for the army of horde coming round the corner we would out numbered badly but we just needed to make sure to hold them off for long enough for our stealth's to do work. Someone put down there Nightmarish Hitching Post so it looked cool all 20 of us in rows of 5 on the same mount as we saw the horde come onto the bridge we saw in chat that drek had been targeted the horde came running at us not looking at the fact we had started killing drek. 3 shamans yelled charge and them 3 ran up into the horde they suddenly all clicked thunderstorm and send the Russians flying off the side one popped hero before he died and we all ran at them we took down a few of them the mele died in about 20 seconds from the aoe and there was 7 of us ranged left (i was on my lock) we ran back quickly mages blinking warlocks teleporting we ran the horde further and further into our base to give the stealth's more time as we had no more running to do because we were at the end of the aid station graveyard all 7 of us stood there ready to fight as they came running up the aid station i clicked rain of fire and shut my eyes but suddenly ringing through my headphones i heard the alliance victory music i had opened my eyes and there it was ALLIANCE VICTORY i had never been so happy in a bg knowing we had to stuck it to the premades and worked as a team a few people stayed in the bg for a few min afterwards just talking about how cool it was.

Anyway i would like to thank you for listening i know a lot of you may not find this as fun as i did but i just thought it was to good of a story not to share it with all of you.
Where's Gorbachev when you need him? We got a wall to knock down here cyka
Wow man, put some spaces in there, really hard on the eyes to read this, gave up after the third sentence.
Awesome :D
04/01/2016 15:36Posted by Haise
Wow man, put some spaces in there, really hard on the eyes to read this,
my eyes hurt.
As others said the text is hard on the eyes, but the story was great :D
It reminded me of the old av battles we had in vanilla. Best memories for me ;)

PS: Do you have more pvp stories? :D
04/01/2016 14:29Posted by Dirtyprayer

04/01/2016 14:29Posted by Dirtyprayer

What a scoop!
Would read, but not worth losing my eyesight over it
I really liked it tbh , really nice story but....please...paragraphs.
Great story but it would have been even more exciting with paragraphs to complete it! :D
China called,they want their great wall back.......

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