What do you ferals do while rooted?

When I'm rooted and not under attack I usually go cat form and try to cast some heals (which often get spellstolen or I get interrupted) or some CC (interrupted usually) - I feel that we could use a buff to our ranged damage, Faerie Fire (Bear) does very little, and wrath hits for a few hundred; can't Blizzard buff Nurturing Instinct so that Insect Swarm, Moonfire and Wrath (especially instant ones from Predatory Strikes proc) become viable for damage while rooted (possible finisher).

PS. Why am I even posting here, odds are Blizz won't even read this... and in fact the masters of shapeshifting should have disentanglement rather than the masters of nature (balance/resto), swapping hide to break roots makes perfect sense - and is not OP, in fact it's necessary for ferals just so they can be compatible with DKs, rogues and paladins (and fury warriors).
I like Fanta
i prefer to just zoom in my camera so i can see the frostbolt come and hit me right in the kisser,

seriously though.. blizz h.t.f. did you think making that change? feral druids are laughable now, come across a single mage and we can might as well sit down and stop moving altogether or even try to, cause if you dont, the mages root will force ya.

kkthx blizz i hate you. and guess what most druids do atm
We can cast 1k instant mushrooms! or start CCing ... only to get silenced and end up unabled to get back to cat form ... Weee....
Hit my /beg macro and hope that the frost mage targets somebody else!
What a druid can do while rooted:

CC? Counterspelled.
Heal? Spellstolen.
Dance? Interrupted by Ice lance.

Druids 1
Facerollers 0
I usually just sit down so they can crit me and be over with it.
Give bears spellreflect?
I go and make a cup of tea, then come back and pick up my corpse from the gy.
I take a second to think what is the best response. Hand of Freedom, Cleanse, Bubble, Trinket soo much choice. play Pala.

In short...

log out and roll something else.

Quit, play something different.

when i get rooted i alt-tab open my browser i go to wow forums find a topic and post"Gracefully done dev team way to balance our spec''
I die with dignity. Res from GY, find the mage that did that and kill him.
Yes, I kill mages in BG.
I simply don't do arenas - pointless.
New Ability Suggestion:

Bear mooning:

The druid roars and angles his backside to face the caster, the next damaging spell or offensive ability is reflected back onto the caster

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