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Hello All,

My friend and I have been playing wow since vanilla beta, but we were on the USA servers. We are looking for a guild that is based in the middle east. PVP and PVE. I heard this server has a large UAE player base. Anyone have any suggestions on which guilds to apply to or if this would be a good server to transfer to.

We are looking for Casual & Friendly players...but not too casual. We used to be hard core content pioneering raiders and know the game quite well and are intolerant of keyboard turning, not fighting on flag, not CC'ing. (These are broad generalization I know, but as a rule of thumb.)

So we are looking for a friendly guild for group pvp and pve around our time. It is frustrating when the guild is starts logging on when its 11pm for us.


hey ,

im a wow played based out of dubai,uae. currently im looking for active players that are ready to join / create a guild asap. But here is the issue

im Horde die hard
i play onthe european server , even then im having latency issues

let me know

thanks for you time.

take care :)
Well if i tell you a truth--horde is overpopulated on Kazzak nowdays and expect huge lags in oggrimar. But i belive some beta players are on alliance side too.
I'm a Dubai based player too, with two other people who have just started playing as well. I am on EU servers, horde. I'm already in a great guild which I love but might be interested in a UAE based one due to raid times.

On another note, I have been away for just over a month, before I went away I was getting 200ms now I am lucky to get 600ms and most of the time it is over 1000ms sometimes 4000ms. Anyone else in the ME noticed a problem just started recently (Mar 2011) or even better anyone know wtf is going on?
09/03/2011 14:33Posted by Nesja
horde is overpopulated on Kazzak nowdays and expect huge lags in oggrimar

lol, no.
hi guys! I'm an Abu-Dhabi based player...and I got a lvl 83 dwarf but I'm planning to switch it to the hordes, you see...I just made a Lock B.Elf and I was surprised about the hordes they were not that bad after all.

I was hoping to meet you UAE based players IRL and set a li'l community around here...
I haven't met a wow player since I had started palying a year and a half ago...I was starting to thin I'm the only one here...LOL!
hey buddy ,

thats my guild info, me and my friends are trying to recruit people to start the 2nd 10 man team from dubai itself. Now the thing is we have way to many dps. We have 2 healers among is another one will hopefully join us asap. we will loose one healer if we dont have a tank. So its a bit iffy as of right now. But if worst comes to worse. We ill recuirt people from within the guild itself and try for the sake of progress. let me know we would love to have you . Since you are from here itself we can manage raid timings according to our preference untill we catch up with the first team . Let me know asap.

cheers friend
contact me in game -
Hi all,

I am moving to Dubai in the UAE in July also looking for raiding guild with UAE raiding times.

Preferably Alliance side, am willing to x-realm. Have tank, healer, rdps, mdps to play with, all raid-ready or nearly raid-ready.

Any ideas? Get in touch...

Cheers, Rhudi
i am an uae player i wish that ua make a guild an i awnt to join you in the guild

has anyone found a guild that would suit players that are living in the UAE?
hi guys , we just formed a guild we are still lvl 1 ofc :P we are based in lebanon, and we would like to kick start the guild , all lvls are welcome and we can offer you guys officer spot also, we aim to be a social as start and try as soon as possible to do some raids and RBG's if u guys intrested :) /w me ingame
Hello Guyz The Guild Athaddak Is a fully Arab Guild , Recruiting For Raid's , Arena's , BG's , Rbg's ,Duels , We are a Base of UAE and lebanese players , Just Send Me an IG Mail or Whisper me on my paladin or Jadelolz My Druid
Hello There , The Guild Athaddak , A Basicly Arabian Guild Full Sponsored , is Looking for Arab Players For Our Group 3 Progress Hc + Social one's .

We will be organizing many events and challenges, including duel tournaments,raids, war games and competitions for huge in-game prizes (pets+Epic Mounts + Golds).

You can Check us on
@rejuv have you found any guild yet...if not are you intrested to join FULLPOWER ..all dubai based players....we need 2 tanks and 2 healers....amazing group....
To all the players searching for Dubai based doombolt mentioned...we are based in Dubai, guild name fullpower(just started recently) we have 5 members currently. Those who know about Que club, we are mostly based and play from their, so we enjoy a real irl flavor with when you play wow and raids...we do pvp + pve's. It is not a must that you have to come to Que, we can play from home. This guild was created mainly for Dubai based as well as to those work, so we can call and schedule raids, arena's and such.
If your interested you can email me at or call me on 050-6501762...

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